What to Do With All This Free Time?

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Hey readers! Hope everything is well with you today and that your taking all the measures and precautions provided by local government and health care providers to keep yourself, family and community safe and healthy,

As the last day of March 2020 comes to an end, most of us are in the midst of a lock down/quarantine, a preventative measure taken by our governing bodies to help minimise the rate of COVID-19 cases. We are each in various stages of this stay at home movement and  I can imagine the boredom and anxiety being experienced. Therefore, in today’s post I will be providing you will suggestions to alleviate your boredom and bring more happiness into your life.

Ten Indoor Activities to Alleviate Boredom and Ease Stress & Anxiety

  1. Freestyle painting, drawing or journalling: These provide a way for you to release those emotions of fear, anxiety and frustration as well as to express feelings of joy, happiness and love. These are a great way to get your emotions out while simultaneously providing a productive way of occupying your time. You can colour, paint, write and or sketch your way out of boredom and into contentment.
  2. Start a blog, vlog, podcast or YouTube channel: Why not try your hand at creating a community where you can share your experiences, provide tips, give words of wisdom and comfort to others or share inspirational pictures, videos, stories or quotes with the world. Speak your truth and connect with like-minded people.
  3. Home makeover: Now you have the time to finally re-organise that room or the entire house, repair that broken door, declutter your wardrobe, make-up or bookshelves or check off any organisational tasks you’ve been putting off.
  4. Curate your photos and music: If you’re like me, you have a ton of photos to shift through. You’re probably tired of scrolling through hundreds of photos to find that one photograph taken from vacation three years ago or looking for the right song to match your mood? Well now’s the time to organise these photos into albums that are easy to find and remove any unwanted ones. Don’t forget to create a playlist of music to suit your various activities and moods.
  5. Learn something new: How about learning the language of the dream place you always wanted to visit, signing up for an online class to learn more about that skill, reading a self-help book or listening to a podcast or audiobook to engage the brain and tap into curiosity.
  6. Virtual games: Instead of playing video games on your own or with your co-occupants, try playing a game with friends via video chat to change things up.
  7. Meditate: Find a guided meditation or download a meditation app that you like and practice for 5 or 10 minutes daily. You will learn a lot about yourself, calm your mind and connect with your inner self.
  8. Move that body: Let’s not neglect our bodies. They are responsible for carrying us everywhere and helping us live life. Honour them by taking time to develop a workout routine that gets you motivated to practice regularly, gets that blood pumping and puts those muscles to use.
  9. Do that thing that you always wanted to do: Remember that thing you’ve been putting off starting because “I just don’t have the time”. Well now you do, so get started.
  10. Communicate with others: Call your friends, family or colleagues and see how they’re going or if they need a listening ear or assistance. Use video chats to add a visual and more connection to the conversation.

Thank you for reading.


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