Christmas Side Hustles That Will Make You Extra Cash

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for most people. During the holidays, businesses are busy promoting sales and offers to get customers. People working a job are juggling the pre-Christmas rush while preparing their home for the holidays and taking care of the kids home from school. Without the hectic festive air of the holidays, this is the perfect time to offer your services to others.

 In today’s post, I’ll be sharing a list of side hustles to help you make extra cash this Christmas.

15 Christmas Side Hustles To Make You Extra Cash

  1. House cleaning. Where I’m from, people use the Christmas season as a time to do a deep clean. However, this can be a lot of work, especially if you are working or running a business. You can step in and offer to help or do the cleaning job for them.
  2. Home decorating. With people balancing work and home life, having someone decorate for them can help relieve some stress. They get a lovely home, and you get some cash in hand. It’s a win-win for all. You can also offer cleaning and decorating services at an additional cost.
  3. Pet sitting. During the holidays, some families travel and visit extended families or go for a vacation. If they have pets, they will need someone they can trust to help take care of them. Here is where you can jump in, save the day and earn cash.
  4. House sitting. Of course, not everyone has pets that need taking care of. Some people only need someone trustworthy to take care of their home and plants, if they have any, while they’re away. 
  5. Outdoor cleaning. With families visiting for Christmas, everyone wants their home to look clean from the outside. You can offer to clear up the leaves, clean gutters, mow the lawn and weed the gardens to help out. 
  6. Food delivery. Leading up to the holidays, people are too tired and busy from the rush to cook a good meal regularly. If you have a vehicle, you can start a food delivery service to your neighbours and beyond.
  7. Food catering. Christmas celebrations are a lovely time for families to get together. But not everyone is up to the extensive amount of cooking family gatherings entail. You can swoop in with your cooking skills and save the day.
  8. Christmas Shopping. Again during the holiday rush, most persons working outside their homes or even at home are super busy. If you have extra time and need extra cash, you can go grocery shopping for your neighbours and make some money. 
  9. Bake and Sell Christmas Cakes. I love fruit cake, but I’ve never made it. I don’t want to do all that prepping and baking. There are others out there that feel the same. If you make a delicious Christmas cake, then this is an opportunity to make some extra cash.
  10. Make and sell Pastelle. Pastelle is another dish I love that’s time-consuming, and I don’t know how to make it. It is one item I’d spend my money on. 
  11. Create and Sell your own Christmas recipe book. If you have any unique recipes, consider compiling them into a recipe book and selling them. You can do an e-book or print version, or both. 
  12. Make and sell Christmas Crafts. If you are creative and enjoy making crafts, then you use that skill to earn some cash. Make anything from Christmas cards to decorations and small home decor pieces. Then create an Etsy store to start selling or set up a spot at your local market. 
  13. Create Gift Baskets. Another side hustle idea for you this Christmas is gift baskets. If you have an eye for design and enjoy gift shopping, you can design gift baskets for people.
  14. Sell Printables. If you love designing, printables are a great way to make money. You can create a wide range of printables to meet people’s needs, from budget planners, grocery shopping lists, trackers, fun games, etc.
  15. Do Online Surveys or Quick Tasks. Online surveys are a simple way to make money quickly. But be sure to verify the site, check the payment method and payout time before signing up. Also, you can do simple tasks online to earn money. Additionally, cashback sites are a great way to get back money when shopping.

I have to give a shout-out to Emily from for this lovely blog post idea. She has a lot of Christmas related post ideas in this article. Check it out if you need some ideas for Blogmas.

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11 Replies to “Christmas Side Hustles That Will Make You Extra Cash”

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Decorating is awesome. It’s something my family and I usually go all out for in the Christmas season. You should go for it. If you love it and it can make you money, that’s an awesome way to make extra cash while enjoying yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. These are some great side hustles to try over the festive season. I’ve found that selling my old things on eBay and Depop has really picked up as people are looking for gifts so I’d highly recommend that. Thanks for sharing! Em x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Emily. That’s awesome. It’s great you can get rid of your old things and give them new life in someone else’s home while also making extra cash. Great recommendations.


    1. Hi, Laurie. I’m glad you liked the ideas. Cakes and cookies are so delicious. Lol, I think sometime we don’t see our skills as money making opportunities until someone brings it up. I’m glad you found an idea that could help you make some extra cash. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      My pleasure.


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