How to Support Small Businesses This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. At the time of this writing, we are 48 days away from Christmas. You know what that means, gift shopping. In recent times a lot of persons are embracing the entrepreneur lifestyle. People are beginning to understand that working a job will give them the financial freedom that they want. Many people are supplementing their income by starting small businesses. 

However, as a small business owner gaining traction can be difficult. More often than not, you are spending more money than making, in the beginning. As someone who has recently started my own small business in the world of network marketing and online selling, I understand the struggle. In today’s post, I will be sharing five ways you can support small business owners this Christmas.

Five Ways to Support Small Business Owners This Christmas

Shop early and pre-order.

I can not explain how important this is for small business owners. As a small business owner, it is usually just one person or a small group running the show. When you shop early and pre-ordering your products, it makes the workload more manageable for small business owners to meet the demands of their clients. Additionally, it helps small business owners meet their targets.

Give reviews.

Not everyone may be able to give financial support, but you can use your words to support. If you are already familiar with the products from a small business owner, show your support by leaving positive reviews. Your voice has the power to reach others and bring in additional sales to your favourite small business owner. And it is at no cost to you.

Be patient.

Remember, you are not dealing with large supply chains with hundreds of workers and products on demand. Practice patience and kindness with shipping delays, out of stock products and COVID-related restriction issues that may arise.

Shop with value in mind.

As a small business owner, plenty of time and resources go into making or sourcing quality products. Therefore, products may be more expensive compared to supply chain stores that can mass-produce items. Keep in mind the quality of the products you are shopping for when you are hesitant about the price. Quality items usually cost more but last longer or are more effective. Also, keep in mind that small business owners are selling fewer products, so the prices have to be enough to support their livelihood.

Don’t be afraid to tap into your online community.

If you have a gift in mind or something different, don’t be afraid to source items internationally. I do suggest you search for local small business owners first and then outsourcing. But many content creators have small businesses selling digital products, arts and crafts, planners and notebooks or even affiliate with persons doing the same. Support your online writing community by tapping into their small business.

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