Stream of Randomness Saturday and Weekly Review (06 Nov 2021)

Today’s Stream of Consciousness (SoCs) prompt by Linda G Hill is to close your eyes and point. Chose a printed material, open it up, close and your eyes and point. Whatever your finger lands on, use that as your prompt.

“What happened Paul? This isn’t the quality paper I expected you to write?” From The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

Paul: “I know you saw me cheating”

The guilt of cheating on his test made Paul a nervous wreck. He couldn’t focus on writing a quality essay as a result. All he could think about was his actions and all he could hear was his conscience talking.

Teacher: “But I didn’t see you cheat.”

Paul’s conscience amplified his guilt and destroyed his confidence. He became a fugitive in his own mind and assumed everyone else did too.

The lesson from this adapted recap is don’t violate your own moral code just to get ahead. In the end, it causes more grief than triumph. Remember you can achieve success without taking advantage of those around you. What’s the point of reaching the top dishonestly and not being able to enjoy your achievements.

Weekly Review

  1. What went well this week?
  2. What could have gone better?
  3. What’s happening next week?
  4. What I’d like to get done.
  5. Things I’ve been thinking about
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What went well this week?

  • Over the weekend my siblings spent the night over. My partner and I picked them up Saturday evening. We made grill chicken and fries and watched anime. On Sunday we all got up early despute a late night. We wnegt for a walk, ate breakfast then we took them to the river/spring to relax. We spent the rest of the day chiling. My youngest brother and sister fell asleep while watching a movie. After they woke up we ate lunch. It was a very chill evening. We dropped them back home about 6:30 pm.
  • Thursday was Divali so I didn’t have any work that day. I got up around 6am with a desire to go walk and be in nature. So, my partner and I went to the park. I did a full workout there. I satrted with a 10 minute dynamic warm-up, followed by a 20 minute paced walk and then a 10 minute cooldown & stretch. It felt so awesome. Then my partner said we should go to the same river/spring from Sunday. It was totally spontaneous move. We didn’t walk with extra clothes to change but we went anyway. That’s a good thing about having a car. So we took a dip in the river then to a small spring close by. After that, we headed back home. We bought doubles along the way.
  • When we got home, we showered, ate breakfast and then I went through some emails. My mom called to ask if I was visiting today because she was cooking up a storm. So my partner dropped me off becuase he had previous committments. I spent the afternoon until about 8:00 pm at my parents. I carried my laptop to do some work while there.
  • After my partner picked me up, we went on a neighbourhood drive before going home. We watched 2 episodes of Demon Slayer before unwinding for the night. It was a great day.
  • The weekend and Thursday was definitely a highlight of my week.

What could have gone better?

  • I didn’t hit my business sales target that I wanted this week so that was disappointing. But that is on me. I didn’t do the necessary work to achieve it. So I definitely need to come up with a game plan.
  • It’s a new month so I was busy working on the month end report again. It is actually going better this time around but I didn’t complete it this week like I wanted too. I’m hoping that I will complete it on Monday. But that’s a challenge because that’s not my only responsibility.

What’s happening next week.

  • The one major exciting event taking place is from Friday evening to Sunday. A virtual fall conference where all the top leaders in our business will be sharing their tips and strategies for success. I can’t wait.
  • I’ve been coming up with Christmas Gift Box Sets ideas to promote to my local customers. I’m thinking for international ones, I can send the gift set ideas so they can purhcase those items and create their own gift packages for their loved ones.
  • This Sunday, the business team is having another expo/seminar. This time the topic is Selfcare with Skincare. 
  • Additionally my newsletter will be out tomorrow. In it, I will be talking about expectations. I would really love to get your views on the topic. Be sure to sign up today so you don’t miss out.

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What I’d like to get done:

  • Organise and plan out my week better.
  • Start working on Christmas blog posts. Feel free to share some Christmas content ideas in the comments section.
  • Continue to work on my people and communication skills and building my confidence. Low self-esteem is a major reason why I hesitate about a lot of things.

Things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Designing a more structured personal growth study routine for myself and organising my week better is still on the agenda. I think I will create a planner for myself, maybe that will help. 🤔
  • Is it presumous of me to offer advertising space on my blog since I’m so small? Idk. I could help other smaller bloggers tap into a new audience and even bigger ones can benefit from that. What are your thoughts?
  • I really love this community and I want us to connect more. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can have a monthly live stream session or group chat or something? It’ll be nice to just talk about all things blogging, self-growth and self-care.

Question: What are your favourite Christmas blog post topics to read about?

That’s it for today, everyone.

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