Feature Friday- My Friday Favourites (Blogs, Books, Videos & More) 05 Nov 2021

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Hi, again my LIL Community. Yesterday was Divali so I didn’t have to work. I had a really nice day. but I will tell you all about it in my weekly review. It’s time to get on with this week’s Friday Favourites.

My Top 3 Favourite Blog Posts This Week.

As you may know, I’m a fan of journaling. I find it’s a great way to get your thoughts out, challenge negative self-talk and document your life journey. I thought this post would be an interest to you as well.

I believe that writers should keep journals, because that’s where we truly write for ourselves, and what good is a story that we ourselves don’t want to see in print? Along those lines, I do enjoy reading famous authors’ journals. Not that creeping is my pastime or anything, but with entries like this, why would […]

Can Journalling Improve Your Writing? I Don’t Know, But Let’s Find Out.

Have you ever thought about your responsibility as a blogger? As content creators, influencers and public figures we have the power to influence the thoughts and actions of others. We also have the power to impact the emotional and mental well-being of others. Therefore, we should be mindful of the way we portray our lives and the image we present to the world. Yes, we all prefer to share the major, positive events in our lives but the reality is life is full of ups and downs. As such, as Olivia says in her post, we should share the real parts of our lives.

Sharing the real parts of life as a blogger is so important for many reasons. Bloggers as well as social media influencers are well known for showing the good parts of their online lives. Showing the days they look good, and the wins of life. When in reality their (our) lives are not all rainbows […]

Why Bloggers Should Share The Real Parts of Life

This post is a must-read.

Originally posted on Self Care & Mental Health: Dear Strong Woman: You are amazing. You get up every morning, and, without hesitation, face whatever life brings you. You refuse to hide in your comfort space, long past the moment you needed too. You shake off the disappointment, once you’ve allowed yourself to feel it. You…

My Mental Health Journey #22

What I’m Currently Reading

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I’m still reading this. I’m actually taking my time with it plus my days are so busy that I don’t have time to read for long.

I’m reading this over as I mentioned before. I’m reading a chapter a day. Some time ago while reading I got an idea. I was thinking that books that I’m reading over that have action steps like this one, I can read, apply the lesson for a week, document it and move on to another chapter. I think that’s a great way to actually implement the lessons.


I’m trying my hand at creating videos. It’s not that great but practice makes progress. You can look out for more in the future. You are my friendly audience. Lol.

What I Enjoyed Watching This Week

What I’ve Been Listening To

You can get the book here

Shop the book here

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s Feature Friday post.

Hope you have an amazing Friday. See you tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


What’re some of your favourite content that you enjoyed this week?

Do you take advantage of free book summaries on Spotify, like me?

PS: I edited the read with me video, only to realise it didn’t render properly while uploading it to YouTube so. Sigh. You should have it on Sunday though.

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