Stream of Randomness Saturday and Weekly Review (30 Oct 2021)

Today’s Stream of Consciousness (SoCs) prompt by Linda G Hill is Boo

What comes to mind when I think of the word Boo: Halloween, ghosts, and horror or Halloween themed movies, in particular, Boo! A Madea Halloween. Words that come to mind are boot and boom.

When I think of boot, Puss in Boots immediately popped into my mind. I’m referring to the character on Shrek. Boom is the sound of the base from loud music playing during family get-togethers.

In my daily life and even in writing, that is one that rarely comes to mind. It’s specific to certain themes. But as part of another word, it has the chance of appearing in life a lil more often.

A snapshot into my morning routine

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Anyway, today I actually started my day off a little earlier than expected so my morning is moving along nicely. Here’s a snapshot of my morning routine today.

  • 6:00 am: I woke up a whole 30mins before my alarm. This was great. Took care of the usual early morning activities.
  • 6:15 am: Took my yoga mat outside, sat and journalling for about, IDK, 10 minutes or so. Then I did a 20 mins simple flow yoga class with Vytas on the FitOn app. Next was a 7 minute or so meditation session. Finally, I read a chapter of How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  • 7:30 am: I took a shower and got ready for my day.
  • 7:55 am: Sat down at my desk to write this post.

Now that you got a lil snapshot into my morning routine, let’s move on to the weekly review segment of this post.

Weekly Review

  1. What went well this week?
  2. What could have gone better?
  3. What’s happening next week?
  4. What I’d like to get done.
  5. Things I’ve been thinking about
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What went well this week?

  • What went well? What went well? I don’t have any gleaming highlights that I can think of this week. Work was well, I clear off a stack of membership applications from my desk and I’m making some headway into checking online transactions from last month but I still have a lot to do. 
  • We finally have a vehicle to use. No more travelling to deliver products for customers or to run errands. This makes life a bit more convenient.
  • At work, we had a strategic planning session to attend. This was quite an enjoyable exercise. I did a lot more talking than I thought I would. I got appointed leader of our break-out session group. Progress on the communication and self-confidence aspect of my personal development. I have to take my business team and mentors for that. Honestly, having the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing network of people is awesome. I’m glad I decided to stick with it and not let the challenges deter me because the personal rewards are slowly coming in.

What could have gone better?

  • I missed two days from work because I was under the weather. That’s such a strange way to describe not feeling well or sick. Those two days were rest days for me. I made a lil reading nook in our room, next to the bed. I place the yoga mat on the floor, with two pillows and some books and my laptop. I spent those days in that cosy corner, resting, reading and watching YouTube videos. I didn’t want to spend all day in bed and then have trouble sleeping so I created my recovery fortress. I honestly can say that I wish this could have gone better because it was quite a restful couple of days. But it also doesn’t work in the what went well segment of this weekly review.
  • As a result of feeling sick and busy evenings with meetings and meeting up with a business teammate to collect a product yesterday, I didn’t get to go out and meet new people this week. With all businesses, meeting and connecting with people is how you expand your business.

What’s happening next week.

  • So last week was the last time we will be ordering and collecting products from our local warehouse. We are now completely online. So we will be ordering our products directly from the company. This means we can now benefit from all the new products coming out, receive more rewards and so on. These benefits also apply to our customers which is awesome. 
  • I have also started coming up with Christmas gift set ideas for my local customers. So I will be finishing up that today to start sending out the information so persons can pre-order their stuff. While creating the sets, I got the idea to team up with a local business that is doing gift boxes and engraving. It will be a nice way to support another female business owner and get lovely packing for my customers. It-s a win-win-win in my books. 
  • On Thursday the 04th of November is Divali. It’s a public holiday so no work that day. I have 8 extra hours to play with this week.
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What I’d like to get done:

  • Reach out to the local small business owner I mentioned to see how we can work together.
  • Send out the Christmas gift set brochures.
  • Finish up checking most of Sept transactions and start and complete my month-end report. I can’t believe it’s that time again.
  • Brainstorm some giveaway ideas.

Things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Designing a more structured personal growth study routine for myself.
  • Waking up earlier so I can enjoy my morning routine. I’ve been missing my yoga and workouts.
  • Hosting a 1- 2 hour Sunday Livestream session on YouTube. It will act as an accountability system so you can get your most important stuff done before the week starts. For example:
    • Goal setting
    • Blog admin
    • Studying
    • Journalling
    • Checking emails
    • Learning

I think live streaming might be a great way to branch into YouTube.

Question: Can I live stream using my computer webcam while also using my computer to do other tasks?

That’s it for today, everyone.

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