Feature Friday- My Friday Favourites (Blogs, Books, Videos & More) 29 Oct 2021

Hi, there my LIL Community. Can you believe it’s Friday again? This week flew by. At the moment, it’s Thursday 28th Oct at 8:08pm. I’m writing this post during meeting breaks. I just finished a virtual strategic planning meeting with my job colleagues. At 9pm, I have a training meeting with my business teammates. Anyway enough with the introductions, let’s go to this week’s Feature Friday session.

My Favourite Blog Posts This Week.

I just read this post tonight and it illustrated some great points about our thoughts. Our mind, without a defined positive program to feed it, naturally gravitates to the negative. Our negative thoughts are like weeds, we don’t have to plant the seeds for them to grow. We can just leave it alone and it spreads rapidly. However, if you want a flower garden of positive thoughts you actually have to sow the seeds and nurture them for them to grow.

Have you ever thought your mind is playing tricks on you? Do you ever wonder why your mind has fed you so many negative thoughts one after the other when you just want it to stop? Do you ever think you could have run that little further? Walked a little faster? But your mind told […]

6 ways to challenge the mind

Here some honorable mentions from Twitter:

What I’m Currently Reading

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I’m still reading this one which I mentioned last week. I’m taking my time with it. I mostly read it while commuting to work each morning. Since I didn’t go to work twice this week, I didn’t read it for some reason. I guess that’s the power of habits in action.

I did start another book as well. I actually read the ebook before. I recently got the physical book so I’m re-reading it.


I’m trying my hand at creating videos. It’s not that great but practice makes progress. You can look out for more in the future. You are my friendly audience. Lol.

What I Enjoyed Watching This Week

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s Feature Friday post.

Hope you have an amazing Friday. See you tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


Did you enjoy any of the blog posts? Have you ever read How To Win Friends & Influence People?

PS: I may or may not be editing a video with me reading and one where I talk about the first two chapters of How to WIn Friends and Influence People. Stay tuned.

What’re some of your favourite content that you enjoyed this week?

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