Top 5 Books You Need To Read This Fall

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The year’s end is fast approaching. Fall is already upon and Halloween is a few days away. Although where I’m from we don’t have fall or celebrate Halloween, this season as always fascinated me. Autumn or Fall is the season for shedding or releasing things. It is a time for slowing down and turning inward. It is a time to centre yourself and prepare for the coming months of slumber and self-discovery.

Autumn always reminds me of cosy days, cuddles and warm foods. It is the perfect time to relax and cosy up with a book or two.

Today, I thought I’d share with you five books you can add to your fall reading list.

The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina is a fantasy novel filled with magical realism and mystery. A multigenerational tale with family curses and secrets.

Seems like an interested book to read as the sun sets and the world slowly prepares for sleep.

My Sweet Girl is a thriller, mystery about an orphaned girl, Paloma, adopted from a Sri Lankan orphanage. She was raised by a near perfect family. As an adult however, Paloma is estranged from her adoptive family. To make ends meet she sublets a room in her apartment. Her new tenant, Arun, discovers her darkest secret. Afraid of her secret being disclosed to others Paloma wonders what to do. However, Arun ends up dead before she can determine if she spilled her secrets or took it to her grave.

The Ex Hex is a Fantasy Romance about a witch and her broken heart. Heart-broken by a her break-up, Vivienne Jones places an innocent hex on her ex. Nine years later, Vivienne returns to Georgia to recharge the ley lines and attend the town festival. However, her ex also returns, resulting in dominoes effect of disaster. Her innocent hex wasn’t so innocent after all.

A Spindle Splintered is a fantasy novel based off the popular Sleeping Beauty fable. When Zinnia was young, an industrial accident doomed her to a short life. Now, on her 21st and final birthday, her friend Charm created a sleeping beauty fantasy to celebrate her last birthday. However, on pricking her finger on the spinning wheel, Zinnia finds herself falling into another world.

Care Free Black Girls is a non-fiction book that explores and celebrates black women and their influence throughout history. This is book is a collection of essays of author, Zeba Blay’s musings on the challenges and triumphs of black women we admire in pop culture.

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