Stream of Randomness Saturday and Weekly Review (23 Oct 2021)

Today’s prompt is from Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness (SoCs) prompt. The SoCs prompt is body parts

Body parts. Aren’t they a strange thing? I mean, we are made up of quite a few limbs that help shape who we are. All those body parts come together to form you and me. At this very moment, my hands, fingers, wrist and arm are working together for me to type these sentences. My hands allow me not only to type or write but to hold my favourite mug, touch someone, give myself a massage and many other things. Yet, even though our hands allow us so many positive indulgences, we can also use them to do bad things. But I’m not going to talk about that, I’m sure you can imagine a few scenarios yourself. Our hands have the power to do many great things, lend a helping hand, comfort someone, and hold on to something precious to us. Yet, there are times when we neglect these hands. We forgot to care for it, give thanks for it and appreciate the wonderful mechanics of our hands. 

Now on to this week’s weekly review.

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  1. What went well this week?
  2. What could have gone better?
  3. What’s happening next week?
  4. What I’d like to get done.
  5. Things I’ve been thinking about

What went well this week?

  • Do you remember a post or two that I wrote a few weeks back about letting go of the things that no longer work for me? In that post, I mentioned that I don’t want to do the network building part of the MLM business I’m in. I prefer to focus on marketing the products and building a customer base instead. I finally spoke to my business coach about it and he said that the decision is mine. I am an Independent Business Owner and I can choose how I want to grow my business. That was such a relief to hear. I love the team and don’t want to leave. 
  • My job hosted a virtual 5k challenge as part of celebrating credit union month. Everyone who registered for the challenge had about a week in which to complete the 5k. The 5k challenge was open to staff and members. You got a token and medal for participating. The fastest times received an additional reward. For staff, they made it more competitive. You had to complete the 5k in 40 minutes or less to receive the additional prize. You had to record your walk, run or jog using an app of choice or the one they recommended and submit a screenshot of data. I’m happy to say I had the fastest time in female staff, 27mins 17secs. It was great and now I want to include that challenge into my weekly routine. But, it will be more paced. I’m thinking of completing 10k every week. This morning I walked 2.5k, not as fast as I did for the challenge but it was a nice addition to my morning routine.
  • I’ve started back journaling each morning and some nights which is nice. It’s so nice getting my thoughts down on paper each morning and brain dumping at nights when I need to. I plan to order one of each of the notebooks that I’m selling on KDP for my daily journaling practice. The covers are lovely if I do say so myself.

What could have gone better?

  • Having to stay back at work to wait for my business partner to collect cash or drop off my customers’ products for me is a time hindrance. But it’s either that or finding some other arrangement that would be more challenging so I am grateful to her for meeting me after work to make things easier on me. Luckily, so that won’t be an issue anymore since the whole team will be importing products ourselves for our customers. The whole setup will be completely online from November 01st 2021. No warehouse to collect products from anymore. I’m both excited and nervous about this transition. I don’t do much online shopping but that’s the way of the world now.
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What’s happening next week.

  • Tomorrow which is Sunday 24th October 2021 at 5:30 pm EST our team is hosting another zoom seminar/expo. This time the topic is weight loss management. I’ll leave the flyer below. If anyone is interested in attending please email at for the Zoom link.
  • Monday is the last day we will be getting products from the warehouse for ourselves and customers. I’m sure everyone will be grabbing up as much of the bulky items as possible so they have fewer bulky items to ship come November.
  • Monday our manager (at my job) will be on vacation for a few weeks. It will be myself and her other assistant holding down the fort with the assistance of another manager.
  • Look out for the bi-weekly newsletter in your inbox tomorrow at 11:00 am EST. 


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What I’d like to get done.

  • I have to do some grocery shopping this week, but I need to create a meal plan. Do you have suggestions for quick, easy, but healthy recipes for the week? Feel free to point me to a food blogger. Thinking of what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day is a creative challenge.
  • I signed up as an Amazon Associate last week. I am slowly adding my affiliate links to all the books I’ve recommended in past posts. I don’t know why I never thought of that before. Being an Amazon Associate is a great way to earn some revenue to support your blog, especially as a beginner. Of course, don’t just recommend anything to get a sale. It should be items you use, like, enjoy or would like to purchase yourself. It should also work with your niche. For me, they are mainly books for now. I have a long shopping list of items that I want to get, including a kindle, microphone, drawing tablet, etc. 

Things I’ve been thinking about.

  • My brother and I have been having some in-depth conversations about self-growth whenever we meet up. I, of course, suggested we start recording it and turning it into a podcast. We’ll be chatting about self-growth and self-love. Those are topics we are both interested in. The issue is working out when we can do it. I know we can use Anchor to record separately, but we” have to work out the details. The idea is to discuss what we learned from the books we’ve read. Or we will just talk in general about our on self -growth journey or a mixture. Maybe we’ll pick a book to read and discuss in one episode and the other episode have an open discussion. It will most likely be a bi-weekly podcast.

That’s it for today.

Thank you for reading.


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