Thank God It’s Friday, Weekly Review & Hello Blogtober

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It is Friday yet? (It’s currently Thursday 30th of September) OMG, this has been the most hectic and fast-paced week for me at work. You may know that I work at a credit union, but if you don’t know you do. This month the organisation that provides medical insurance coverage for our members had an open enrolment period. This means that members of various ages could join the medical with no medical underwriting needed. Of course, you first have to be a member of the credit union to get access to this benefit. Even though this has been going on all month, it feels like everyone waited until the final week, this week to come and join. It has been pace since Tuesday. I am so ready for the weekend. Everyone was wishing today was Friday or a public holiday.

Even though I don’t like to be rushed because I get flustered, I do enjoy a challenge. This week was both stressful and invigorating. My position is in the administrative department so I am part of the team that is responsible for doing back end processing of new members from all the branches. This week my co-worker went on a Lil 4 day vacation, a long over-due one. So, it was just my manager and I holding down the fort. Today we got some help but it was still hectic.

Despite all that, this week has been great.

What went well this week?

  • I honestly remember what I did on Sunday because I didn’t document my day as usual. I usually schedule out my week in a Google spreadsheet in 30mins increments so I can track my time. But I didn’t really do much of that this week. However, I do remember having a disagreement with my partner about something that I can care less about now. I can’t recall what it was. I also started reading my friend, Jen’s new manuscript. It is going so good. I would be finished already if I wasn’t so busy.
  • On Tuesday I did some sales calls with one of my business partners. It went okay. I was supposed to continue on my own but didn’t. 😅 Yes, I’m still in the network marketing business. I believe I’m finding a good balance. Then on Wednesday, my business partner, let’s call her, A and I went out for her to sure me how to do door to door sales. It was actually fun. Today I made some calls on my own. Score 1 for me, lol.
  • My partner, as in my life partner this time (whose name starts with A too) lol, took 2 nights off this week. It was so nice sleeping next to him. Best sleep ever.
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What could have gone better?

  • Idk, besides the argument, my partner and I had, this week was pretty good.

What’s happening next week?

  • Next week I have to do a month-end report on all the new accounts open at the credit union. That’s another challenge to tackle. I got to practice last month so I should be good.
  • On the first Wednesday of each month, our business team is encouraged to make our biggest orders of the month so that we have products for our customers before stock run out and so we meet our business targets each month. I have yet to accomplish that, but there’s hope for next month.
  • I really want to start back my newsletter but bi-weekly instead of monthly. So I’ve been brainstorming content ideas. So you may or may not get your first email this sudden along with a budgeting template I’ve been working on and my self-care guide for new subscribers. Feel free to subscribe below.

What do you like your inbox to provide? Tips, entertainment, encouragements, resources, updates?

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  • I’ve been neglectful of my bestie and not connecting as I want so this Sunday we are going to have a lovely video chat to talk about her book. I also plan to go visit my parents this weekend to watch movies and relax with the family.

What I’ll like to get done.

  • I have to buy a fridge and a new mattress so those two things are on the agenda. Most likely for this weekend actually.
  • I need to go through my three emails and unsubscribe to all the newsletters that I do not have time for and focus on the ones that I actually enjoy.

Things I’ve been thinking about

  • Did you know that October month is Blogtober? I didn’t even know that was a thing. Are you planning on participating and writing a blog post each day? I would love to but I don’t think I’ll have the time. However, the helloblogr community on Instagram came up with a great weekly alternative. I think I will do that instead. It’s a lot more manageable. Check out the post here or see below.

Anyway, it’s past my time for preparing for bed so Chao for now. See you on Sunday in your inbox.

Thank you for reading.


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5 Replies to “Thank God It’s Friday, Weekly Review & Hello Blogtober”

    1. That’s true..How do you manage do manage to blog everyday? Will you be writing in autumn or Halloween themed content for October?
      I forgot about Inktober. Maybe I should do that, it’ll me get back into drawing again. Where will you be sharing your Inktober drawings?
      Is National Novel Writing Month this month as well or next month?

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      1. I have a few themed days that I try to stick with, but sometimes it’s just a cup of coffee and writing something that I think would be entertaining. I’ll often jot down ideas to come back to as well.
        I’ll put all my drawings here:
        NaNoWriMo is in September but Oct is usually for the planning (which I did absolutely none of last year)

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      2. Themed days are definitely helpful. Writing down ideas is a great system. At least that way you have ideas you can develop later when writing. Okay, I will definitely be browsing through to see your drawings. Okay, yes that’s the challenge you took part of and ended up with a novella? I know short stories are your thing so how was the novel writing experience? That’s a lot more words to add and you have to spread the story out more.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The goal for NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words. It took me 7 months to get 31,000. So, for me that was a success, the longest story I had written. It was definitely a challenge. If I get another novella out of this one, I’ll be happy.

        Liked by 1 person

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