How To Organise Your Life With Intention

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Adult life can get super busy at times, especially as we take on more roles and responsibilities. Often we lose sight of the things we value. We do not factor them into our life. Sometimes in an effect to succeed in one area of our life, we neglect other areas. However, true success means leading a life that aligns with your values and making room for each aspect of your life.

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Today I will be sharing some tips on organising your life to reflect your values. I hope you discover nuggets to apply to your life.

3 Steps to Organising Your Life With Intention

List out your priorities.

You need to know what areas of your life hold the most value for you. Your life should be a reflection of those priorities. If you say family is a priority for you, then your life should reflect that. Do you take time to connect with your loved ones each day?

Take a moment right now and list your priorities in order of importance. Think about what you value and what areas of your life you would like to prioritise. You can start by just listing them out and then arranging them in order of priority. For me, it looks like this:

  • Learning
  • Self-care
  • Work
  • Business/ side-hustle / blog
  • Relationship
  • Spiritual

These are what my actions reflect right now. However, it is not how I want to live my life. Ideally, I want it to look like the following:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Self-care
  3. Relationship
  4. Learning
  5. Work
  6. Business / side hustle / blog
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I have read several personal development books in the past few years. Many of them share tips on growth and success. A recent read of my was Act Like A Success Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey*. One of the things he mentioned is having your priorities in order. He said that in his experience, to be a success you need the right priorities:

  • God
  • Family
  • Education
  • Business

I think he is quite right with that order.

Get specific

Now that you understand where your priorities lie, it is time to create an action plan. How are you going to contribute to these areas of your life? How much time, energy and resources can you allocate to each.

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For me, I know I need to work on connecting with my spiritual/ inner self. But how do I translate that into my day to day life? Am I going to read spiritual books? Do I practice more spiritual types of meditation where the focus is on connecting with God and digging into my intuition? Am I going to be more mindful of how I relate to others? Do I remember to speak and think love, appreciation and service in every interaction?

I was listening to a meditation recently on making time for God in your schedule. She said that you do not schedule God into your life. He is a part of the world and your daily life. He should be there at every moment. It is not about making specific time for spiritual connection, though you can do that. Your spirituality should be a part of your everyday life.

How do I deepen and strengthen the relationship with my partner? Do I schedule a date night each week? When do I give him my undivided attention? Am I expressing gratitude? Remember, love is about action. How do you show it?

Ask yourself the questions to get to the details. Get specific about what you will do to live a life with intention. When you know what you want to do, write out when, where and how much time you will allocate to each of those actions.

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According to James Clear from Atomic habits setting a time and location are important cues that can trigger the habit loop.

Two systems that include these cues are implementation intentions and habit stacking.

“Implementation intention states when X situations arise, I will perform response Y.”

  • After the kids go to sleep, I will give my partner 1 hour of undivided attention each night.

The habit stacking formula is: “After [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].”

  • After I get home from work, I will put on my yoga clothes and do a 20 min restorative yoga class from Vytas on the FitOn app.
  • After I finish my yoga, I will meditate.
  • After I meditate, I will relax for 15mins and so on.

You can use these formulas to stack habits onto each other.

Add it to your calendar.

It is not enough to know what you need to do and the how, where and when to do it. We all have the best of intentions but, old habits are challenging to break. To ensure that you remember what you want to do, put it on your calendar. Most of us live off our calendars anyway. We use it to remind us of important events and schedule our life. So actually putting your new plan of action there increases the likelihood that you will perform those actions. You have to design your environment to help you build your new habits. Using technology can be a big help.

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Your day may look like this:

  • 5:30 am: Wake-up, give thanks, prep for the day
  • 6:30 am: Commute to work, read while on the commute
  • 7:30 am: Breakfast at work
  • 8:00 am: Workday starts
  • 4:00 pm: Workday ends, commute and listen to a podcast
  • 5:00 pm: Yoga for 20 mins, meditate for 5 mins, relax for 15, shower and get comfy
  • 6:00 pm: Dinner and household chores
  • 7:00 pm: Work on business or, maybe you have kids so playtime with them
  • 8:00 pm: Work on business
  • 9:00 pm: Time with significant other
  • 10:00 pm: Prep for next day & sleep

Whatever your priorities are, ensure they are on your calendar. Of course, things may need to move around and, stuff comes up but, now you have a game plan. It is okay if you cannot start with an hour. Use the 2-minute rule to get started. Scale down the task in a way that works for your life. The important thing is that you are doing something each day to reflect the life you want to live. Eventually, you will be doing that effortlessly.

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Thank you for reading.


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