Getting Back On Track – Weekly Review and Looking Ahead

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I have no idea if you find these weekly review posts interesting. I guess it’s more for my benefit than yours anywhere. It helps me to analyse my week and really see what worked and what didn’t. I hope that by sharing it, you may find a useful tip somewhere. But if not, I guess I can always skip it and keep it to myself.

What went well last week?

I’m always quick to think nothing or I don’t know when I read this question. Nothing really comes to mind when I first bring it to my attention but as I go through my weekly schedule, I realise that I had good moments in my week. That’s one of the reason’s that I like writing this post.

  • The first thing that went well is that I didn’t do any work on Sunday. That was a rest day for me. It was so nice that I want to keep it up every Sunday. No work and no schedule at all. The only thing that is fixed for Sundays is our afternoon business team meeting at 6:30 pm. This Sunday however, we are having a virtual expo starting at 5:30 pm.
  • I reached to work on time every day with enough time to relax and mentally prepare for the workday.
  • I wrote a blog post every day this week. I honestly wasn’t planning to keep this up. I simply wanted to challenge myself to see how much I could write. But I’m enjoying it so much and I sort of don’t want to lose my writing streak. 😅
  • I’ve been honouring my body’s call for rest and relaxation by skipping workouts when I don’t feel up to it and napping when it’s needed.
  • My schedule has shifted a bit so that I can wake up later and get enough sleep on long workdays. Now I’m working out at 5:00 pm instead of 5:15 am.
  • I had a chat with my business mentor about my schedule and the goals I have and how to make it work.
  • I’m about 30 pages away from completing Act Like A Success Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey. What nuggets that book has.

What could have gone better?

  • At the beginning of the week, I was pushing myself to maintain the same schedule without considering my needs. As a result that left me tired, frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • I’m guilty of allowing my frustrations to get the best of me and cause disagreements between my partner and I. I also have been neglecting his needs a lot but we’re working that out.
  • I didn’t hit all my business targets this week but now I have a game plan so that will help.
  • I didn’t make any headway in my coaching assignments so this week I have to get it done. I schedule my next virtual coaching sessions with Jenn so that I will get it done.

What’s happening this week

  • I’m not doing any content creating or business tasks for most of the day. It’s family and relaxation time.
  • As I was stating before today the organisation that I work with is having a virtual seminar starting at 5:30 pm. The topic is the ABCs of NCD or Non-Communicable Diseases. (If you are interested in attending send me an email at and I’ll send you the link)


  hours  minutes  seconds


ABCs of NCDs Zoom seminar

  • Monday we’re having a team meeting at my 8 am to 4 pm job with my new teammates.
  • From Tuesday it will just be me assisting my new manager because my coworker is going on vacation. I’m a little nervous. This is only my third week on the job.
  • On Friday is a public holiday so no work, yes, more time to rest.

What I’d like to get done.

  • Start reading Atomic Habits for the book club this Thursday and read out The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.
  • Do my coaching homework before my coaching session on Saturday.
  • Hit my business targets
  • Get through my work week intact

Things I’ve Been Thinking About

  • What is my gift? I’ve been thinking about this most of the week. My partner’s gift is connecting to people. He makes friends easily and people spill their issues to him like their besties. But what is mine? I’m good at planning stuff and learning is my passion but are those my gifts? According to Steve Harvey from Act Like A Success Think Like A Success, “Your gift is the single thing that you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort.”
  • I want to try and touch on each of my blog categories each week so I’ve been thinking about assigning a particular day to each of those categories. Monday for personal development, Tuesday could be Life and Living, Wednesday is Wellness, Thursday is Lifestyle and Friday for Books and Reading. I’ll have to do more planning on that. Saturday as usual is my writing day and Sunday is relaxation so no posts on the weekends.

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Thank you for reading.


5 Replies to “Getting Back On Track – Weekly Review and Looking Ahead”

    1. Thank you Chels. I actually got the structure from another content creator I follow, The Bliss Bean. I really liked her system so I adopted it for my life. It’s great way to take account of your week.
      I am enjoying it so far, very informative. I even signed up for his 30day email course that goes along with this book.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Alicia. Yes, I think understanding what my gift is will help a lot in finding my path. Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s nice to know that you appreciate the content.


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