What My Saturday Looks Like As A Content Creator

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It’s 4:27 pm right now as I’m writing this post. I thought for this Saturday’s Stream of Randomness post, I would share my day with you. My day didn’t stick to my exact schedule as planned, but I’m making progress. Sometimes you have to make allowances for disruptions when you reside with someone else. Things come up, and you have to be flexible enough to attend to them.

If you’re curious to learn about my day, then continue reading.

6:00 am – Wake up 

Last night I went to bed a little about 10:00 pm, so I got 8 hours of sleep which was nice. Usually, during the week, I aim for 7.5 hours. However, with my schedule, sometimes that doesn’t happen. To help feel rested, I’ve incorporated a 20 min power nap on longer days. I was able to enjoy some cuddle time with my partner before starting my day.

7:00 am – Get moving & prep for the day

At this point, I decided to get off my bed and start my day. I got out my yoga mat and went outside to workout. I did a full-body beginner (it didn’t feel that way) pilates routine with Cassey Ho on the FitOn app. Then I enjoyed a 10 minutes meditation, followed by a lovely shower.

8:00 am – Breakfast and Quality time with my partner

My partner made us breakfast while I showered and got ready for the day. We had pancakes with maple syrup and black coffee. Then we spent some time talking and working out some stuff before he got ready and left to go out.

10:30 am -Writing time

I spent some time writing about something that affects us in these modern times. You’ll read all about it on Monday.

12:15 pm – Laundry and break time

We all have to make time for chores in our lives and laundry is something we can’t avoid, unfortunately. I’m trying to schedule my day into batches of 2 hours of work followed by 1 hour of rest or household chores. I got this idea from someone on Facebook. Essentially the person was talking about scheduling your day into mini-days. I liked the idea so I decided to adapt it for my Saturdays.

1:45 pm – Instagram content

I really enjoy creating content for Instagram. I just love the aesthetics of that platform. I get to share meaningful messages in a beautiful way. I’d like to add more of that element to my blog as well. However, it is too time-consuming for me to do that at the moment.

3:00 pm – Prep lunch and eat

I was super hungry by this time. I felt like my stomach was eating me. I try not to eat so late but when I’m in the zone, I don’t like to stop.

4:00 pm – More Instagram content

I was too hungry before to work fast and finish everything so I continued after eating.

4:30 pm – More writing

You are currently up to date. You are now reading what I am doing, lol. After this post, I’m going to write up my weekly review to post tomorrow. I’m sticking to the written content on my blog since you seem to prefer that over audio.

As I’m writing this, I’m also thinking about my blog content. But I will tell you about that in tomorrow’s weekly review post.

5:00 pm – That’s it.

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Thank you for reading.


2 Replies to “What My Saturday Looks Like As A Content Creator”

    1. Ikr. It’s the life of a content creator. There is so much more to do. I haven’t done my blog admin in a while and I’m slacking on building my email list. How are you doing with keeping up with all your content creation tasks?


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