Family Time Is Self-Care Too and Weekly Review

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Hi, gents and ladies. Apologies for the last post. It was my intention to write and upload a podcast newsletter today. However, at the spur of the moment, my partner and I decided to visit his parents today. We spent most of the day there and I just got home. It’s 5:01 pm right now.

I always forget how peaceful it is to visit them. I feel so relaxed and like I am on a mini-vacation. I love walking through their backyard which is full of trees and plants. I had a lovely time and watched two movies: Granddaddy Day Care and Troy. Lunch was simple but lovely. I wish I took pictures to share with you but sadly I didn’t.

Self Care Tip of the Week

On that note, my self-care tip for today is to spend time with the people and in places that rejuvenate your spirit. Even if you can’t afford a luxury vacation or to take a few weeks off work, you can schedule mini-vacations into your week. That’s what the weekend or days off is for. I encourage you to set aside one day or a few hours to simply relax and enjoy yourself. Eliminate thoughts of to-do lists and troubles from your mind for a few hours. And it’s a wonderful way to start off a new week too.

So now on to my weekly review.

What went well last week?

  • Last week flew by so fast, I feel like I have whiplash. Well, the week before I found out I succeeded in my interview and that I got the position I applied for. When I found out I had mixed emotions about it and I still do at times. But now that almost 2 weeks have passed I feel better about it.
  • Last week I was training and adjusting to waking up earlier. I’m working further from home now.
  • I also had a mini success in my business too. I was able to get a few sales on the products I’m marketing which was nice.
  • Can anyone explain to me why even though we market/recommend things all the time throughout our day, why it feels so different on the business side of things? You know, we buy stuff and recommend books, clothes, food, etc that we like to friends and family and even strangers yet when we’re marketing for our business it feels harder. Regardless of if a company is making the money through your referral or you are making the money from your marketing, the person you refer it to still has to spend money.
  • I have finished my 17th book for the year. Not as much as I wanted to but I’m glad.
  • I won a coaching program. Lord, knows I wanted to do it for the past 2 months or so but I couldn’t afford it so he brought it to me in the form of a gift.

Anyway, what could have gone better this week?

I’ve been feeling tired a lot lately, probably from doing too much. Do you know that feeling of being so tired that you really don’t want to get up and you can’t focus clearly because your brain feels like it’s in a fog? You have to fight to focus during the day, that was me this week. Not the best state to be in when training for a new position. I think it’s stress. This week was especially challenging as my body got used to waking up an hour earlier for work. Coffee doesn’t do much for me in terms of giving me an energy boost and I’m out of my Vitamin B tablets. They actually work okay. They provide you with an 8-hour energy boost to get through the workday without that awful sugar crash. Though these days, I think I need something with more boost so I’m thinking of trying something else.

What’s happening this week?

  • Last week, I took time off of Instagram and my intention was to do the same with my blog but as you probably realised I didn’t. Instead, I ended up publishing content every day. I guess I had a lot to talk about. I wanted to try something new on the blog too. All the writing helped me get some stuff out of my mind too. Like that post about feeling like an imposter and dealing with my anxiety. All those content were in the moment written on the same day except for yesterdays own. I’m hoping to keep up with these daily logs. I guess my wiring is evolving. I’ve also scheduled a post for Monday so you can look out for that. It’s all about stress, which is very relatable to my current situation.
  • I started the coaching program with the lovely Jenn and this week I’ll be working on my first assignment.

What I’d like to get done

  • Make it through my first week at my new position successfully without too much stress.
  • Read Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • Do my coaching homework
  • Do one thing that’s outside of my comfort zone, namely initiating conversation with people.

What I’ve been thinking about

  • Finding a therapist. I feel like I need someone to talk things over with.
  • Not thinking about quitting my job and embracing the opportunity a stable income brings
  • How to find balance in my life with all the things I’m juggling

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