Thankful Thursday – Five Things To Be Grateful For Every Day

Hi there. How are you? I honestly hope you are having a great week so far. This has been a challenging week for me but I’m looking at bright side today.

Here’s five things you should be grateful for every day.

  1. Life: This is always on the tip of my list. Without life then you and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be thankful for anything.
  2. Loved ones: What is life without people to share it with. In times of challenge and times of joy having someone, friend or family, by your side makes life that much more enjoyable.
  3. Security: Having a place to call your own, somewhere to rest your head at night is a gift. There are so many people in the world without a place to rest peacefully at night.
  4. Food: This is our life force. It’s what keeps our body nourished and healthy. Yet this is another basic need that too many people have to go without.
  5. Water: This element that surrounds the earth and makes up 70% of our body is crucial for our survival. It is essentially our life blood, the basis of all life. No living thing can live without water.

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Thank you for reading.


Let me know what’s on your daily gratitude list.

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