Wellness Wednesday – How To Take Care Of Your Mind

It’s tough sometimes seeking help and sometimes tougher admitting that you need help. But it is necessary to ensure that your mental health is being looked after.

Below are 5 suggestions you can try to help you take care of your mind.

  • Seek therapy – getting counsel from a professional can be a great option especially if you feel like you need more guidance and objective solutions. A therapist is skilled in helping persons work through challenges and find constructive coping mechanisms.
  • Talk to a trusted friend – having someone to talk to and just listen with a compassionate ear is great. You are not seeking advice from them but simply working through problems out loud. It’s nice to have someone close to you who you can share some of your challenges with.
  • Write it out – journalling is a wonderful avenue to Brian dump and get all the junk from your head. Putting things down on paper is a great way to analyse your thoughts better and maybe see things more objectively. Doing this in conjunction with therapy can have great effects.
  • Express your feelings: sometimes we just need to release all those pent up feelings to feel better and claer our mind. Try painting, drawing, dancing, crying or sometimes screaming out loud into your pillow or somewhere private
  • Do something that’ll make you feel good. A little distraction from what is going on internally can be helpful as well. In times of distress it’s best to have a coping kit so you don’t have to think or plan too much. You already have your feel good items at hand in your kit.

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