My Morning Workout Routine & Afternoon Yoga Practice

Do you like exercising? I was never the sporty type and I never considered myself the physically active type either. Even though thinking back now, I actual did participate in a variety of stuff and enjoyed my few bouts of PE in high school. I did and still do enjoy walking.

However, only in recent years have I intentional made an effort to include more structured exercises into my daily routine. I do my best to move my body every day and to engage in active rest at least once a week so that my body can recover. I don’t do hardcore workouts because I don’t really enjoy that but I guess I should include a session or two in my week.

But I’m a firm believer that you actually need to enjoy what you do in order to sustain it over a long period of time. Some kind of movement everyday is better than no movement any day.

What’s your viewpoint on this? Are you for hardcore workouts or doing what you enjoy?

I made a video compilation of me working out. I guess I’m trying out my video creation skills on you. Hope you enjoy. Tips are welcomed.

Thank you for reading.


4 Replies to “My Morning Workout Routine & Afternoon Yoga Practice”

    1. An active lifestyle is the best I think. Your basically get a workout with it feeling like a workout. I think that’s the ideal lifestyle to have. Exercise, in my opinion, seems to have come about to counter balance the sedentary lifestyle most of us have these days.

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