Midnight Musings: Going After Your Dreams

Listen to the end and let us discuss the questions below. Sorry about the annoying hum, recorded this at about 2am after I woke up from sleeping. I just grabbed my phone which was close to me that night and started recording.

Do you allow the opinions of others to dictate your life?

Do you go out and seek facts or do you let the opinions of others dictate your decisions?

Do you seek out and follow the steps of those that succeeded in whatever your field of interest is in order to learn from them? Or do you let the opinions of people who never achieve the success you want dictate your actions?

Do you let the experience of others (even though experiences are subjective) change your direction?

Are you the person who bashes something because it didn’t work for you? Then you go and discourage others from pursuing that because you didn’t succeed?

Do you have persistent mentality to go through the challenges and obstacles as you pursue your dreams? If not, is that something you really desire?

Do you know what an asset is? An asset is something that can generate cash flow for you in the future.

Thank you for listening to my midnight (not really midnight but nighttime) musings.


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