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Hi, I’m back again with another episode of The LIL Community Podcast Newsletter. It’s Sunday 22 August at the time of recording so very last minute. This week apart from the usual weekly review, I want to talk to you a little about slowing down and giving yourself grace.

So I’m skipping straight to what could have gone better this week segment. If you follow me on Twitter, you’d probably know that I had a somewhat challenging time this week. I took two days off work because I was feeling unmotivated and anxious. I’ve been feeling stressed out about work, worrying about finances and really feeling the burden of having to report to a job 5 days a week for 8 hours. There are so many more meaningful things I want to do with my life. I feel like having a job is holding me back from that. Most of my time during the week is working and I have to fit in my passions on the side. I guess this week it just got to the point where I’m like I can’t do this.

I was feeling stuck and like I was going no way with this set-up. So I took two days to clear my mind and just allow myself to relax and not worry about going into the office. For most of those two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) I did nothing really productive. I watched YouTube videos, had a few crying sessions, chatted with a friend and read. Wednesday I spent most of the day in bed in my PJs which is very unusual for me. I am usually up early, ready to tackle the day, but not that day. I did manage to get off the bed around 4 pm to do a 50 min yoga and a short meditation. Those were awesome.

Then on Saturday, which is my content creation day, I did no writing at all. I wasn’t in the mood. I couldn’t get my mind around it. But I did, however, edit an audio and video so that’s what you’ll be getting this week.

All that is just to say that, it’s okay. It’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to not be super productive and simply do things you enjoy. It’s okay to have off days. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and frustrated at life sometimes. I did a meditation today and a lesson I learnt from that is that when you accept your feelings, it leads to peace. When you try to change how you are feeling sometimes it leads to more inner conflict but by accepting how you feel, you open the door to calm.

Even though this week didn’t go as planned and I wasn’t the most efficient person, it was still a good week.

So what went well this week:

  • Monday I had a lovely lunch date with my partner at a park near work. We had muffins and pizza. It was a nice break from the workday and it was super great to see him. He’s been working nights recently and straight through the weekend.
  • I had a lovely chat with my friend Jen, she writes posts for me sometimes, on Tuesday. Check out: Let’s Talk Inspiration-The Midnight Musings of a Millennial Writer and Feelings of Loneliness: Do You Ever Feel Lonely?
  • It felt nice taking two days off work and just relaxing. I enjoyed that 50min yoga class from Youtube. Check it out: Yoga For Uncertainty | Yoga With Adriene
  • Work was pretty normal on Thursday. I made it through the day and found out that Friday I had to go to the head office for an assessment for the position I applied for. Yes, even though I don’t like working for others I have to save money before I can leave so I need a more stable gig.
  • Friday, I got up earlier to head to the main office for the assessment. I got the chance to catch up with my co-workers that I had;t seen for a while. The assessment was good and seeing everyone was awesome. They always ask when I’m coming back to the head office. That’s where I started my employment originally so every time they see me they are like welcome back Adanna. I have to be like, I’m just here for whatever I am doing that day. It’s nice to feel appreciated. I’m glad at least that I have amazing co-workers.
  • That afternoon, back at the branch I am at currently, my manager bought me lunch because apparently, I was the top-seller for the week for a new loan they’re offering members. Mine you, I’m a CSR but we have been helping to sell a new loan which is at a lower interest rate than the other and requires less paperwork.
  • Saturday, I attended a 3hr and 30 min virtual Women’s Interactive Network with the women that are a part of the network marketing business that I am in. It was so good. It’s so motivating hearing the perspective of the women who are going out there and building their business. Hearing how they overcome challenges and the personal growth they are achieving through the mentorship program is wonderful. So many tips. My hand couldn’t take notes fast enough.

What’s happening this week:

  • Today the team is having an expo and the topic focus is Non-Communicable Diseases (heart, cancer & diabetes). So I’m excited about that. I know I will learn a lot. The last one was spa themed and it was awesome, very relaxing and fun. I love these because it helps to build the relationship between clients and business owners.
  • The rest of the week is work as usual. Both my regular job and network marketing business.
  • Wednesday I have an interview for the position so today I have to do some prepping. Do you have any general tips?

What I’d like to get done:

  • Check out ConvertKit as another free option for email marketing. I find Mailchimp a bit confusing.
  • Keep up with my goal of reading 1 blog post a day and writing down 1 new post idea every day.
  • Sit down and reset my goal and create a budget system that I can stick to.

Things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Starting a YouTube channel has come across my mind many types but even more so now. I’d have to make time to do that and figure out what my niche would be. But I’m thinking more wellness, self-care focused. We’ll see.
  • Still thinking about getting a volunteer to help me with some admin stuff. Things like proofreading blog posts, doing keyword research and helping me set up Google analytics and keep my site optimised. If I start YouTube same stuff basically. But I’m wondering if that’s too much to ask someone to help me out with. Of course, they would get recognition for the work they do on my site and social media. Whenever I can afford too they would receive some kind of compensation.

Anyway, that’s it for this episode.

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