How To Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Build Self-Confidence

What is Self-Talk

Self-talk is the mental chatter that goes on inside our heads. Unfortunately, our minds tend to hold on to negative happenings more than positive ones. If we allow ourselves to hold on to those harsh words and criticism we can spiral into a world of negativity. Even though we all experience negative self-talk it is important to not put too much emphasis and belief into this negative chatter.

How does self-talk impact our confidence?

When we constantly feed our minds with negativity, we are more prone to negative self-talk. Eventually, as a result of repetition, we begin to believe in those negative things and we see the world through those dark lenses. And overtime our confidence and self-image are eroded.

Can you imagine someone constantly telling you that you are not worthy, that you are not good enough? How would that make you feel? At first, you might not believe them, but a little seed of doubt will grow in your mind and you begin to wonder if it is true. Now imagine you hear that every day without fail, that seed will grow in your mind until it takes over. You now believe that you are not worthy or good enough. This belief colours your entire perception of life. It influences how you present yourself to others, how you speak to others, what you believe others think about you and how you interact with the world in general.

Therefore learning how to overcome negative self-talk is important for boosting your self-confidence.

Ways to overcome negative self-talk and boost self-confidence


One popular way that persons recommend for overcoming negative self-talk is by flooding your mind with positive thoughts. This method is focused on drowning out the negative with the positive until your mind is so saturated with positive thoughts that the negative ones are washed away or diluted. You can do this by repeating a mantra to yourself every day or saying positive words of affirmation, listening to uplifting talks or reading inspirational books.


When you get down to it thoughts are just thoughts. There are neither good nor bad. We are the ones that attached negative connotations to everything in life. Understanding that concept means that you are in control of the impact that thoughts have on your life. This isn’t easy and requires some mental rewiring, mindfulness and reflection to come to terms with. But once you do grasp this concept, you realise that you have the power and are in control. Meditation, journaling and counselling can be great avenues to accomplishing this mind shift.


Often than not we allow our thoughts to go unchallenged. After all the conversation goes on inside our heads so it’s quite difficult for someone to say that’s not true. What you can do is say your thoughts out loud. This can be quite jarring as you listen to the kinds of things you let roam around your mind. Hearing these negative talks out loud brings them into the light where you can scrutinise them. Most of the time you come to see how untrue they are. You also see that you would never say those things to a friend so why say them to yourselves.

So these are a few ways to overcome your negative self-talk and break the negativity pattern.

When you overcome these types of diminishing self-chatter, you make room for a more positive outlook. Now you can begin to boost your self-confidence.

Build your self-confidence with positive self-talk

Now that you are aware of how important your mental chatter is you can now direct it to boost your self-image. Following the steps above will naturally help you feel better about yourself because that negative voice that followed you around daily no longer impacts you the way it once did. But just to be safe, make it your daily intention to practice positive self-talk.


This was mentioned before but I thought it was worth another mention. You may or not of heard before that we are what we think. Or you may have heard this popular quote by Margaret Thatcher

Watch your thoughts they become words Watch your words they become actions Watch your actions they become habits Watch your habits they become character Watch your character it becomes your destiny

This is all to say that your thoughts become your reality so guide it properly. Right down words of affirmation that inspire and resonates with you. Read it out loud daily, write it daily and repeat it in your mind every day.


We spend a lot of our time with other people and whether we like it or not we are influenced by them. Therefore you need to guard yourself and protect your mind. Make sure that the people you spend most of your time with speak positive words as well. You want to feed your mind the right things as much as possible. I’m sure you have experienced a situation where your day was going splendidly and someone at work or at home was only spewing negativity. Even though you try to ignore it some of that enters your mind. It takes one negative thought to send you into a spiral and the next thing you know, you are down that rabbit hole again. It’s better to prevent than to repair.

That’s it for today’s post.

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Thank you for reading.


Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Do you believe your thoughts create your reality? What is one way that you minimise negative self-talk? Do you find yourself feeling more confident when your mental chatter is positive?

PS: Check out this video by Ashley Graham

4 Replies to “How To Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Build Self-Confidence”

  1. Its a really important topic you have covered here. Thoughts are things we tend to ignore but they have a great impact on our lives especially our happiness.
    As for me, I detach and let them flow in and out or challenge them with positive ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that we ignore the impact that thoughts have on our lives. I guess it might be because they are constantly with us and we don’t really take note of them. Yet they are so powerful and can really control how we live our lives and how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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