The First Week of August Has Gone, Making The Most Of Week 2

This Week’s Podcast Newsletter Talking Points:

Podcast Outline

  1. What went well last week?
  2. What could have gone better?
  3. What’s happening this week?
  4. What I’d like to get done.
  5. Things I’ve been thinking about

Script Guideline

  • Hi, again. I’m back with the second instalment in the new podcast newsletter. Did you listen to the first episode? From my stats, I don’t think so but I shall forge ahead and see what happens. It is after all a new process and things take a while to pick up. At least that has been my experience when introducing something new.
  • Anyway, can you believe that it is already the second week of August? I feel like I say that a lot. But time is really flying by. Just now the year will be over and we’ll be celebrating Christmas. Have you already thought about whether you are taking part in Blogmas this year? Hmm, it’s probably too early for that but don’t wait too long to plan out your content if you are.
  • I must say even though I’m enjoying my experience with networking marketing it’s still a struggle. There are so many things to learn and do. But I’m not giving up. I heard from an audio I listened to that it’s okay to feel disappointed when things don’t go as planned but you shouldn’t become discouraged. That’s my daily reminder because, from the moment you allow discouragement to set in, you are halfway to giving up.

What went well this week?

  • I had a wonderful sleep from Thursday night into Friday morning. I woke up at my usual 6 am but decided to sleep in for another hour. That was the best decision ever. When I woke up next, I felt amazing. The birds were chirping, the sun was out and the air felt ripe with promise. Even though each morning has those same things, I was really aware of the beauty of the day and the gift of being alive. That’s a gentle reminder to me to be more aware and really look for and dig into the simple pleasures of life.
  • I had my very first one-on-one customer consultation on Thursday. This was so great being able to hear the needs of someone and having the opportunity to provide suggestions and solutions. It was such a wonderful experience. I really don’t want my network marketing journey to be about just selling products. I want to truly provide value to others and help them solve a pain point in their life.
  • I visited my parents and siblings on Sunday, August 01st which was nice. It’s great spending time with family especially now that I’ve moved a bit further away. When you are listening to this I would be by them again. Today, Saturday the day I am scripting and recording this, I will be visiting them. I’ll be sleeping over so that will be fun. We plan to stay up late and watch movies together. Movies I want to watch: Black Widow, Jungle Cruise, The Quiet Place 1 and 2.
  • I’ve finally created a links page on my website so you can access the various platforms and things I offer in one spot. So if you follow me on Instagram you will see that there. I’ll be linking it on my Twitter as well and under the resources section on my website. I literally just figured out how to add child pages and display them on my menu. You learn something new every day. Here’s the link to the post about creating child pages.
  • I’ve been enjoying reading If My Products Are So Great How Come I Can’t Sell It by Kim Klaver. This has opened my eyes to the world of direct selling and provided wonderful tips. Thanks, Jenn for recommending it. Another great book is The magic of thinking big by David J. Schwartz. If you follow my Instagram, my quote posts last week focused on tidbits I liked from the book.

What could have gone better?

  • I need to learn to protect my energy more and not allow others emotions to trip me up. Sometimes my day could be going really well and then someone comes with some negative vibes, like a partner or co-worker and my mood just goes downhill.
  • I also need to learn to let go of the little things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out relationship-wise and it’s exhausting. I’m allowing stupid things that don’t matter to take on a bigger role than it needs to. You know that saying that you need to choose your battles well I need to learn that. I definitely want to focus more on the big qualities of persons in my life rather than the little annoying stuff. It will save my mental reserves and create more harmony. But even in doing so, it is important to talk about things and air out any issues before they fester and exploded in your face.

What’s happening this week?

  • I will be taking more ownership of this new business. I will still have the help of my mentors and receive coaching but it is time for me to spread my wings so to speak. That is both scary and exciting. In light of that, I want to focus on learning a lot more about the various products and really immersing myself in the business. That’s the only way to learn and grow. I need to do the work and not just observe and take notes.
  • Another thing is I want to work on learning more about love languages. Like I want to figure out how I prefer to be shown love and how those around me want me to express love to them. That’s more of a monthly goal but I want to start tapping into that from this week. Do you know what your love language is? Do you know about love languages? If not, I recommend you read the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and take his quiz. I’ll link both in the show notes.
  • This week, I want to write out a guest post. I want to do at least 2 guest posts every month so if you are looking for guest writers for your blog let me know. I write about wellness, personal development and lifestyle content. Check out Caroline’s Twitter and blog.

What I’d like to get done:

  • I need to learn more about email marketing and using Mailchimp. That has been on my to-do list for a while.
  • I want to start back bulk writing my blog posts so I have two posts complete by Sunday and at least 2 drafts waiting to be edited for the next week. One of which could be a guest post.
  • I also need to start carrying a notepad with me so I can note any content ideas that come to mind throughout the week.
  • I also want to start back using a physical planner. I usually plan out my week on an excel spreadsheet. I still will but I like writing things done on pen and paper as well. I was an avid Google calendar, calendering blocking girl but I started using the excel spreadsheet about 2 months ago and I’m really enjoying that. I bought a regular notebook on Friday so I will work on a set-up over the weekend.

What I’ve been thinking about:

  • I would like to hire someone to help with the analytics part of my website but I can’t afford to pay anyone right now. So I’m wondering if asking for a volunteer is a good idea. I basically need help with optimising my website, setting up Google Analytics and proofreading and optimising old content. You can contact me at or DM on Instagram.
  • I want to do some kind of giveaway or something fun with The LIL Community to show my thanks. But Idk what to do yet. Have to do some more brainstorming. Idk what I can offer you lovely people.

Anyway, that’s it for this week, podcast newsletter. Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Thank you for listening.


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