My Productive 6AM Morning Routine-Start The Day Right

As you probably know by now, I am a big believer in routines. Routines provide structure to your day and takes away the stress of deciding what to do in certain situations. It frees up mental space from having to decide every action. Image if you’re driving a car and you had to think through every step every time. The routine we developed allows our brain to do some tasks on auto-pilot so that we can focus on other things, like paying attention to the road when driving.

Today, I though I though I’d share a typical morning routine in my life.

6:00 AM Wake up call

My morning routine has gone through a few phases these past two years. My wake up time has changed a variety of times from 4:30am, 4:45am, 5:00am, 5:30am and recently 6:00am or 6:30am. Different circumstances such as work, responsibilities and self-care has changed my timings throughout recent years. Now as I am re-evaluating my morning routine, for where I am now in life, 6AM seems like the best time. Though sometimes that will be pushed back to 6:30AM depending on the night before.

Usually a gentle alarm wakes me up. The sound is soft and filled with birdsong. Now that I have moved, I don’t need it. Each morning I am awaken by lovely birdsong and gentle sunlight. But I still have my alarm set just encase. After I wake up, I immediately get up and turn off my alarm before it wakes my partner and head to the bathroom. I spend a few moments emptying my full bladder and brushing my teeth. Then I head to the closet and pull out my workout outfit for the day.

6:30AM Workout, Meditate & Journal

Every morning I do quick workout to get my blood pumping and wake me up. I usually do a 10-20minute cardio, toning or pilates workout. When I don’t feel that well or need to slow down, I switch to a stretch or yoga routine. My go to source for workouts are FitOn which I use most of the time or YouTube. Both are free and provide amazing workouts. I love the FitOn app because you get personalised workouts depending on what your fitness journey is. The app also has personalised meal plans and fitness advice and tips.

After I finish my workout, I immediately log into the Insight Timer app to meditate. Most morning I select the daily insight option. This gives you a meditation for every day. They have a free 5 minute guided meditation option and sometimes 10 minutes. You can upgrade your plan for a longer practice. But 5 minutes is what I do every morning. The app also has live meditation, yoga, talks and courses.

Immediately after I meditate, on the same app, I do a quick journal session. I start off by commenting on my meditation practice. Then I list at least 3 things I am grateful for, send love to someone and finally what I want to work on today. These morning prompts came from a book I read recently.

7:00 AM Shower and Get Ready

Now that I have exercised my mind and body, it’s time to prepare for the day ahead. Usually I take a cold shower but these days I’ve been doing a lukewarm shower. Next I get ready, either to head to the office or work from home.

That’s my typical morning routine. If I’m heading to work, I leave home by 7:30am and usually take a coffee break between 9:30am or 10:30am. It depends on how hungry I am. If I am hungry early in the morning, I’ll have a quick bite before I leave home or during a quiet period on work. Breakfast for me depends on what my tummy is telling me.

If I’m working from home, my day starts off in combinations of ways. I might either read for 20mins in the morning or get started on a blog post then spend time with my partner. The rest of my morning is not as structured. I do have a layout for the day. A timeline divided in 30min increments of what I’d like to do at certain points. However, that can change depending on my mood, my creative energy, etc. But I always check my WhatsApp or email for work messages at 8:00am and try to engage on social media at 8:30am before my scheduled 9:00am post.

I hope you enjoy this post and a peak into my day.

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Thank you for reading.


Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like?

3 Replies to “My Productive 6AM Morning Routine-Start The Day Right”

    1. Yes it so does. It definitely helps get you in the right mindframe for the day ahead. Cool. There are a lot of things to explore on that app. It has definitely made meditation easier to incorporate into my day.

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