My Top 5 Reasons For Getting Into Network Marketing

When I was a teenager, I use to enjoy attending functions at school and listening to the guest speaker invited. Hearing them share their stories was moving, inspiring and motivating. I told myself, shy me, that one day I would do that. I would inspire others with my story and the story of others. A story is such a powerful thing. The words you speak today can change the life of someone silently crying out for help. It can encourage people to look at their lives in a new way. It can open minds and hearts to new opportunities, perspectives and insights. It’s beautiful. Our words are like magic.

These were the thoughts that came floating through my mind Tuesday morning (29th June 2021) as I lay in bed. I was thinking about this network marketing business and the reason/s why it attracted me. After all part of succeeding in anything is understanding your why. After some evaluation this what I’ve come up with.

My Why Behind Network Marketing

diversifying my income

The first thing that caught my eye was the potential to make an extra income. Obviously, money attracts everyone so I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t. We all want more money. We all want a business opportunity where you not only make money but eventually will have the time to enjoy it. But even though that was a factor, it wasn’t the burning whys.

inspiring others

Hearing the stories of all the people who have made it in network marketing is inspiring. The stories of people, like you and me, trying to make ends meet and survive in an industrial age work structure when we are clearly in the information age. The stories of people looking to better themselves and their loved ones. It was powerful hearing each person’s struggle and success story. This rekindle that childhood desire in me. I want to be up there doing that one day. I want to share my success story in the hopes of connecting with someone so that we could work together so I can help them do the same.

access to mentors

Another thing that attracted me to network marketing is the mentorship and personal development coaching that you receive. Everything that you do is affected by your mindset. The choices you make, the opportunities you go after, the effort you put in and how you interact with life. Your mindset shapes your view of the world and how you act on it. Without the right mindset, life might be eternal struggle for you simply because you believe it so. I truly believe that we attract what we belief and perceive. The universe aligns to make our inner world and outer world match. Therefore, we must truly believe and trust that we are worthy of an amazing life.

continuous growth and development

So far this whole networking marketing process as been like going to school but so much better. At every team meeting, I get more excited. Every day we have to send a Core Run report to our mentor/upline. In these reports we share the core or key takeaways we’ve gotten from the audio or pages of the book we read that day. This systems keeps you accountable in your growth and development. It also helps me to remember what I’ve learned and provides a lovely summary to look back on. And you know I always wanted to start a book club, this is a bit like that. I’m so happy to be surrounded by persons walking the same growth and development journey as me.

providing value

Lastly, this opportunity enables me to build a team of persons who have the same drive as or greater than me. I am able to develop a network of people whose aim is share their story, bring value to customs and offer the same opportunity to others as I am receiving. This is not just about selling products to persons but about offering value to others. As an IBO we are encourage to first learn about the products by trying them ourselves. Once we find use from it and can see that they work, we simply share and recommend to others.

Think about it this way. The same way that you or I buy something, use it, like it and recommend to friends or family is the same way this business works. The only difference is as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) you get paid for sharing products with persons when they shop at your store. So instead of putting your money in other people’s store and making them richer, you can by your necessities at your own store. It’s all about changing your shopping habits.

Anyway, that’s my reasoning behind starting this business venture and a lil insight into how it operates. Stay tuned for more updates into my life as an IBO.

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