A Tour of My 400 Square Ft Studio Apartment and Moving Recap

In my last post I mentioned that my partner and I moved into a new apartment. In today’s post I thought I share a lil more about that and the reason we relocated.

Where we resided before was more in suburban part of Trinidad. There is along stretch of road with trees, a few houses and a small town before reaching home.

I thought I had a video but sadly no

I move to the area a few years ago with my parents and siblings. I absolutely didn’t want to go. I didn’t like the area and I wanted to stay where I was familiar. But as a teenager with no other options or ones you didn’t want, you went with the flow. It was a struggle to adjust at first and life there was not what I was use to. I felt like we had gone backwards. Despite that we had some great times.

Preparing for Christmas Dec 09th 2018
We built a Tepee April 13 2020

After a few years, November 2019, my boyfriend and I decided to move in together. We had been dating a long time and felt it was time. There was an empty house in the area so we decided to ask if the person was renting it out. It was very inexpensive and close to my parents so we took it. Things felt better being in my own space and finally living together with my partner was great. It was a three room house with a big yard and trees too. Even though I still didn’t like the area, I grew comfortable for the while.

Backyard May 7 2020
I love nature
my makeshift desk

I just realised I have only a few pictures of inside. Mostly of my paintings which I will miss a lot. Note to self, paint on canvas next time.

Sakura tree, dream catcher, yin yang
bamboo, panda, white tiger
you can’t have them

Moving out mess.

I will definitely miss some things from there. I will miss the yard and trees, m paintings and Kitty who we had to leave behind. No pets allowed in the new space but we will visit her most weekends. She loves my parents place and playing with my siblings. She was over there more than by us anyway. At least I know that she is safe there. I have a lot of pictures and videos of her too. This post has me going done memory lane.

My new place:

So far I have been enjoying the change of address. I can do things here that I couldn’t really before. I love taking walks. Before I couldn’t enjoy walking about the neighbourhood because I felt uncomfortable and it didn’t have any pedestrian safe options. Since moving here on Wednesday 30th June, my partner and I have gone walking twice in the evenings and we have plans for more. We are also closer to a grocery store and transportation is more accessible. Additionally so far, there are no nosy neighbours or persons playing loud music at all hours and people quarrelling at the top of their lungs.

There is no price on peace of mind.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour and snapshot of my life.

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Thank you for reading.


Do you like reading and seeing these snapshots of my life? Would you like me to write more content about major life events such as moving or starting a new job or even sharing aspect of my daily life? Comment below and let me know. Let me know what’s new with you.

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