What’s Been Happening: Life Update

It’s Monday 28th June 2021 at 6:16pm EST and I’m sitting at my messy desk writing this post. A lot has been happening this month, especially this past week. Firstly, I now have 3 journals/notebooks available on Amazon. Creating them was fun and a bit frustrating, especially figuring out the formatting and the right spine width for each book. As you can imagine, the first one had to be edited a few times before we got it right. We meaning my bestie Jen and I. We made time once a week, usually on a Sunday afternoon to video chat and create and upload the books. Now that we have gotten the gist of it, we mostly do it on our own timing.

Have you ever tried selling low content books?

Secondly, I’ve recently been introduced to the world of network marketing. You may know that already from a previous post: Money Mindset and Network Marketing Opportunities. But this Saturday gone I took the plunge and signed up to work with them. Now I am officially an IBO (Independent Business Owner) with Amway. They are one of the top 3 direct selling businesses and offers exclusive brands such as Nutrilite, Artistry and XS Energy. There products range from nutrition, beauty, personal care to home. I would leave a link but honestly I’ve just gotten started and want to liaise with my mentor and get familiar with the platform before that. Talking about this might be premature but this our LIL Community so I want you along on my journey.

What’s your view on direct selling and network marketing companies? Have you ever heard of Amway?

Thirdly, I’m moving. By the time this post goes up I will be in our (my partner and I) 400 sq ft studio apartment. My aim is to vlog the journey but Idk yet. Video recording isn’t my thing and editing is so time consuming. But who knows, they might be a video below documenting the process. If not, I will write all about it in my next post. But for now I will say moving is a headache. There are so many moving parts. You have to find a place you like, connect with the realtor and view the place. Then you have to organise documents, arrange to sign the contract and collect the keys while organising for internet installation as soon as possible. On top of that there is packing up your stuff and arranging transportation all while going to work, attending meetings and trying not to go crazy. Hopefully by the time your reading this, today, Thursday 01st July 2021 I am relaxing in my new place.

Is moving as frustrating, exciting and scary for you as it is for me?

All in all, I’ve spent a lot of money this month and undergone some major changes. It’s no wonder I’ve been feeling stressed out and anxious these past few days. I sure hope I get to go to the spring this weekend to destress.

Thank you for reading.


PS: Today is Thursday July 01st 2021. We’re all move in. We have some minor things to finish still but that’s it. No internet yet either so you know how that is. Have a great rest of your week.

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