The Benefits of Mentorship in Accelerating Your Growth

We all have goals that we would like to achieve in life. Those goals can be in multiple areas of our life. Some are clearly defined with actionable steps laid out. Others are not so clear but we have a general gist of where we would like to go. And in some areas of our life, we have no clue. Whether we have clearly defined goals or undefined ideas, mentorship is a great way to help us in our journey.

If you find yourself wanting to develop a new habit, learn the ropes of a new job or need help in starting a new venture, then get a mentor. Your mentor should be someone who has already achieved the goal that you want to. That way they can give you advice on how to make it there too. It doesn’t make sense to ask someone who is not living the life you want. People can only teach you what they know.

Before you jump out there looking for a mentor, you have to ask yourself a few questions.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Mentor

  • Am I willing to listen and learn?
  • Am I willing to apply the steps needed to move forward?
  • Am I willing to put in the work, ask questions and stay committed?

Many of the persons we would like mentorship from are busy people. They have lives of their own and goals to pursue. If your answer is no to the questions above, then don’t waste each other’s time. Time is one resource you can never get back so be respectful of it.

Benefits of Mentorship

  • You learn from the experiences of others (books and audios also count)
  • You gain practical knowledge, advice and valuable insight
  • You receive support and encouragement
  • You gain new perspectives
  • You learn strategies to deal with life problems
  • You gain new friendships and expand your circle
  • You learn self-reflection and goal setting skills
  • You build self-awareness and self-confidence

For those of you considering mentoring someone, there is value for you too.

Benefits of Mentoring

  • You develop leadership and management skills
  • You feel a sense of fulfilment
  • You leave a legacy through the sharing of knowledge, paying it forward
  • You improve your communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  • You reinforce your knowledge and find new ways of seeing things
  • You gain new friendships and expand your circle of reach
  • You increase your self-confidence and self-awareness

As you have read, mentorship can help both the mentor and the mentee. The mentorship relationship can help you accelerate your personal growth and goal achievement. For anyone seeking support, practical insight and the wisdom of those who have taken a similar journey, then mentorship is a great opportunity.

Thank you for reading.


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