Money Mindset and Network Marketing Opportunities

I am on a quest to change my mindset about money. Most of us growing up, unless you grew up in a rich household, probably have heard the saying that money doesn’t go on trees. Our parents and loved ones, through no fault of their own, have programmed us to think that money is a scarcity. It’s a commodity that you have to work hard for every day of your life. To access it you have to exchange your time as an employee to be rewarded with money in the form of a salary.

However, I don’t want my life to be that. All that means is that I have to work harder and give up more time in hopes of being financially free. But there are only so many hours in the day to exchange. The same goes for being a small business or self employed person. You have to work long and hard hours to make a living. If you want more time, you have to reduce your working hours and settle for less money. If you want more money, then you have to work more hours and give up time. Time that you could be connecting with family, watching your children grow, taking care of yourself, enjoying outings, travelling the world or helping others.

Recently, I’ve been introduced to some mentors that are helping to change my mindset. I’ve discovered that there is a way to have both time and money. It is by leveraging other people’s time and money. This sounds kind of bad when I write it but think of big business owners and investors like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett. They don’t have to exchange time for money because they have created business assets that work for them. Of course, we don’t have a million dollars laying around to invest in a business or even start one. But by venturing into the world of networking marketing it’s possible to have both time and money. Of course like any endeavour some hard work is needed at first. But the great thing about this system is that you are surrounded by others doing the same work. Therefore they can mentor and train you to succeed.

Of course nothing is a guarantee and who knows if it will be a success. But from what I’m learning, as with all things, success starts with a mindset and a willingness to learn and grow. I will be sure to keep you posted on this new venture and how it turns out.

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What do you think of network marketing businesses? Have you ever heard of them?

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11 Replies to “Money Mindset and Network Marketing Opportunities”

  1. Ahh, money. Most of us need it, some want more of it than others. The saying “Money can’t buy happiness.” is misleading. Having money can alleviate stress which leads to a happier mindset. The trick is to figure out how you require to meet your basic needs and the effort and time you are willing to put in to fuel your wants.

    There is also a saying that goes: “Do what you love, or love what you do.”

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    1. You are so right.
      We need money to survive in this world and have a quality life. Money definitely can by happiness to a certain degree. It provides us with security, food, access to proper health care, access to utilities, comfort, education and more. Without our basic needs meet from access to money, we are more prone to stress, worry and dissatisfaction.
      I’m guessing that after we have all our basic needs met and have a good lifestyle, money will lose some of it happiness effects. But at least we won’t be struggling to survive.
      I don’t see why we should feel guilty or bad for wanting enough money to live a quality life. Once we have that we can focus oir attention on more philanthropical ventures and helping others. We have more resources to help others with too.

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