The Rant Of An Overburdened Millennial Lacking Boundaries

Sometimes I feel so frustrated and get so mad with myself. I feel like those around me (family and partner) take my generosity for granted. I have been the only one working (on and off) since this entire pandemic. No I can’t say that. My dad probably stopped working around COVID-19 and my boyfriend got laid off last year October or so. Yes I was right. So it always falls to me to pick up the slack.

We don’t have much bills to pay, just utilities and Wi-Fi luckily but food is a must. Last year I had to use all my saving while I was not working to keep us fed. Why am I the only that is saving? Idk. But the burden fell on me to help. Anytime they want anything, they’d come by my partner and I. We live close to each other, about a house distance apart. Dad had opportunities show up and let them pass by.

Then my partner got laid off and then I got sent home. He did some personal jobs to help out and I started to brainstorm on ways to make money from home.

Most of the time I feel everyone assumes that I always have money so they can just ask and receive. Even my boyfriend does this. It’s like they don’t consider what plans I have, that I’m trying to save, that I have a loan to repay and bills of my on including my parents internet bill. Yet they ask and ask and ask. And I give and give and give. Then I end up frustrated and disappointed.

But this is my fault. I haven’t established clear boundaries. I allow them to run over me and I feel bad for not helping out. But it is not my job to take care of everyone. I have my own life to live and I want to be selfish for once. I think the only think I’ve investing in for myself is a laptop. Everything else is for our home, to help my parents and siblings, to help my partner, to ease and make things better for them.

I’m tired.

I wrote this post a while ago when I was feeling low and decided to share it now. While reading through fellow bloggers content I found this post by New Lune that I thought was appropriate. It was just what I needed to read. In it she gives tips for creating a healthy relationship with anyone in your life.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you have issues setting personal boundaries in your relationships? What steps did you take to implement healthy boundaries in your life?

I’d love to know the answers to these questions so leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading.



2 Replies to “The Rant Of An Overburdened Millennial Lacking Boundaries”

  1. It’s like the instructions that they give you on a plane about when the oxygen masks drop: You put yours on first before helping others if they need it. It’s not selfish, it’s taking care of your needs first so that you are able to help without putting yourself in danger.

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    1. Thank you Leon for the reminder. It’s true. If I don’t take care of me first, I will be no use to anyone else. In the end we all lose out. I definitely will be taking steps to set boundaries in the future. Starting right now.

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