Let’s Talk Inspiration-The Midnight Musings of a Millennial Writer

Now that’s all subjective. Some people find inspiration in the things around them. Others find it in music and people. Experiences that drive their creativity into works of art. For me, I think it’s a combination. It may be something I heard or a scene from a movie I’ve seen.

Lately, though inspiration comes in the form of a singer whose voice just caresses my ears. Whose face makes me want to smile. Although more than his songs though they are amazing. It’s his laugh that just gives me a warm feeling in my heart. 

But I’m getting away from my main point. 

Now picture this, it’s ten p.m and sleep is heavy in your eyes. You’ve just finished a movie – in this case, Ophelia (2018)  – and are on your way to a shower before bed. Then it’s like a switch flips and ideas just come flooding in. I mean it’s enough to wake up a person. Especially when there’s a war going on inside my brain already. 

Now I’ve read that if you plan things out your writing goes smoothly. Mine doesn’t. I would say that my process is like loosely controlled chaos. I write like one might shoot a movie. Out of order, but they are never mixed up. Sometimes I can build a story around one particular scene.

So here I am lying in bed when an entire plot to a new book finds its way into my head, along with an idea that I’d had before who thought it was fine to surface again. Then there’s the novel I’m actually working on right now.  So it’s a Historical Romance along with A New Adult Romance dueling with a Young Adult Fantasy all playing in my head.

It’s not as fun as it sounds. 

It’s like there are these three songs on full volume playing at the same time. I can hear them all very clearly. But I can’t sing along to them because I’m too preoccupied with all the sounds I’m hearing. 

Now there is only one thing to do when my mind is in such a mess, tell someone. And I think that the only person who would tolerate my “Midnight Musings” is my best friend. She is always the first person who gets to read all of my work. Sure I could just write it down. Journal my thoughts and feelings. But it’s not nearly as satisfying as telling someone. 

But even though I have all these ideas I can never concentrate enough to actually write any of them down. When I try to write it all comes out in single sentence spurts. Most of which barely makes sense to even me. And that is the most frustrating part. I want to write, especially at times like those, but can’t. 

Now that my thoughts have calmed down and settled in the library of ideas in my brain, I can actually focus again. I am by no means a fast writer, in fact, I would say I’m pretty slow but all things considered I think that’s okay. 

So I’m back to writing my Young Adult Fantasy novel which I am pretty excited about. At first, I wondered and debated if I should even write it. I thought that the main theme was already done so many times before. But even so, the idea is still mine and who knows it could put a different spin on a classic trope. 

Tell me what inspires you.


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