How to Use Your Skills to Make Money Online and Secure Your Financial Future

The pandemic and resulting job insecurities have made many people uneasy about their financial future. We are left wondering if we will have enough food on our table for our families or cash for an emergency situation. You may be at your desk right now thinking these worrisome but understandable thoughts.

The questions that keep swirling around your head may be: How can I make extra money? How do I secure my financial future? How can I support my family and self in a pandemic without fear of job loss? How can I do that online? Do I even have skills to offer? How do I even begin?

I don’t know your exact reasons for seeking another source of income. Maybe you want to leave your 9-5 job to start your own business. Maybe you are unemployed right now and need funds quickly. Maybe you feel dejected about your current job and need a new outlet. Whatever it is, this post is for you.

Skills You May Have That Can Earn You Money Online

The Helper

Have you ever worked before? Then you properly have customer service experience unless you worked in the background. Even then you learned how to relate to your co-workers. You probably worked on a team at your job or group in school. With a little effort on your part by taking a mini course you can learn the fundamentals of customer service.

The Writer

Are you always writing stories or getting top grades in creative writing. Do words come to you easily? Do you find yourself relaying your thoughts better as a message? Or can you express yourself eloquently in an email? Then you can leverage this skill to your advantage.

The Grammar Nerd

Are you the one in your group always seeing typos and misused words? Do you cringe at misspelling and punctuation errors? Then your eye for detail and your love of grammar can become your asset.

The Design Geek

Do you find yourself looking at people pages and thinking: this font or colour would look better? Or do you enjoy creating infographics to explain complex concepts? Or is your Instagram feed filled by other graphic designers work? Or you are constantly reading about colour theory and psychology? Then you have the eye of a designer.

The Video or Photography Buff

Maybe your talent lies in seeing the world through a lens of a camera. Do you enjoy take photos or creating videos for your friends and family? Or do you enjoy seeing the effect of light on a scene? Do you love capturing moments that you can revisit visually?

The Soothing Voice

Has anyone ever told you that when you read, you bring the story to life? Or that your tone has a calming effect that makes people feel to listen?

The Planner/ Organiser

Are you the person that always arranges any group activity? Do you schedule in every task into your calendar? do you enjoy planning out your day to the last detail? Do you like things in a particular order? Don’t feel bad, so do I.

The Developer

Do you enjoy building things from scratch? Do you find yourself trying to understand how an app works? Or do you wonder how a person created his website? Are you the one to go the challenging route and figure it out yourself?

How To Earn Money Online With These Skills

Virtual Assistant

Use your customer service and planning skills to help other with their business. Virtual assistant can assist with telephone calls and answer client queries and concerns. They may also perform email and calendar management, scheduling and data entry.

Content Creator

You can use your writing skills to write content for companies. You can assist them with the company blog and write articles on their industry. You can work as a ghost writer or even get paid to write book reviews.


Let your love of grammar and punctuation be of service to you. Offer to proofread content for content creators. Work along side writers and proofread their work to ensure it free of error. Or use your command of your language (let’s say English) to tutor students online.

Graphic Designer

Why not use your eye for design and passion for creating appealing visuals to make an income. Offer to create social media content for creatives. Design blog banners and other artwork for bloggers to utilise in their posts. Try your hand at creating logos for small businesses or brands. You can even help persons design the right brand image for them from your understanding of design elements and principles.

Video Editor or Selling Photos or Videos

Let your art and love of photography and or videography help sustain you. Sell photos to magazines. Take beautiful images or videos for content creators to display on their platform. You can provide video and photo editing services to as well.

Book Reader or Podcaster

Use your voice to your advantage. Look into becoming a book reader and record audio books for authors. Start your own podcast and monetise it to make an income by allowing ads on your program.

Content or Calendar Manager

Offer to help persons organise their personal schedule and content so that their life runs smoothly. Help them create a healthy work-life balance. You can even help persons curate their music or photos to match their activities and moods.

Website or App Builder

If coding and creating things from scratch is your thing then become a developer. Design websites for companies and individuals to showcase their brand. Build an app that they can use to make their brand even better.

Companies that you can sign up with to work from home

Check out the video below for more options

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