7 Ways to Take Care of You This Easter Weekend

The sunlight dances among the clouds as it peaks out to warm the earth. The warm air and gentle rainfall encourages seeds to grow and flowers to bloom. Birds chirp happily as they soar through the blue skies. People cautiously venture outside to bask in the rays of the sun. Spring is here. The season of rebirth, renewal and awakening. A symbolic time as we enter the Easter weekend and celebrate the return of Christ from the dead.

Let us take time this Easter weekend to not only remember the resurrection of Christ but to take care of ourselves. Let us embrace this season as a time to renew ourselves, awaken our minds and revitalise our spirits. In light of this season, here are 7 ways to take care of you this weekend.

Photo by Rebecca on Pexels.com

7 Self-Care Practices to Try This Easter Weekend

Take a social media break

Set the tone for this weekend by switching off your phone, deleting your social media apps or simply restricting your access to any social media. Remove all outside influences this weekend. Make this a sacred time to focus on yourself and loved ones. Give yourself a mental break from the constant scrolling of your feed and watching highlight reels.

Declutter your space

Let this season of rebirth, meet you in a clean and organised space. Get rid of the things you no longer need. Keep only what brings you joy and makes you feel good. Make your home a sanctuary, a space where you feel rejuvenated and taken cared of.

Rearrange the furniture and decorate

Give your home a refreshing look. Move around your furniture until you feel satisfied with the layout. Wash all the beddings and curtains. Add light and whimsical art pieces to your wall and change the curtains. Let in as much sunlight and fresh air as possible. Allow a bit of spring into your home.


Flowers are blooming and releasing their lovely fragrance into the world. A scent is a magical thing. It can transport you into a magical fairy world, remind you have a distant memory or help you relax. Bring that magic inside with you. Pick or buy fresh flowers and add to your table or desk. Diffuse your favourite scent through your home. Light scented candles at night to add a cosy feel. Enjoy the smell of freshly washed sheets in bed and curtains as they blow in the wind.

Treat yourself

After fasting, reflecting and preparing for Easter during the Lent season, you deserve a treat. Even if you do not participate in Lent, you still deserve something special. Buy yourself some dark chocolate, eat a nourishing and savoury meal, or get that outfit or skin care product you want to try. Do a DIY skincare routine and give yourself a massage as well. Just indulge in something enjoyable.

Go outdoors

If possible and allowed, visit your local park or go for a trail hike and immerse yourself in nature. Keep your devices at home or keep it on do not disturb mode. Let the beauty of land fill your mind and touch your heart. Feel the connection with Mother Earth. Express your gratitude for the many gifts and offerings she gives. Observe nature as it comes to life again.

Start a garden

Gardening is such a lovely activity. The feel of earth is cool and grounding. You are in direct contact with the earth, helping in producing new life. Life that can nourish, heal or simply beautify. Plants are such marvellous creatures. If you don’t want to garden, then invest in a few houseplants.

These are my seven tips on how to take care of yourself this Easter weekend. I hope you have a rejuvenating and wonderful Easter.

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