3 Reasons Why It’s Absolutely Necessary to Take Blogging Breaks

Blogging is a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour. It is a way to share our words with the world. A way to offer a bit of our perspective and thoughts with others. Like all creative endeavours, it can take a lot from us. It consumes our time and energy and pushes us to be more. It is giving of ourselves to the world in hopes that our words may make someone’s world a lil better. Since we are giving away a part of us, it is essential to make time to rejuvenate ourselves and feed our creativity. That way we can give the best content possible.

Here are 3 reasons it is a necessary to take blogging breaks.

Get out of a creative slump through self care

Do you know that saying: All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy. I think that is an accurate description. Working without making time for play or just to enjoy the simple things in life can lead to burnout. When we are stressed and tired it makes it harder to produce quality content. It is much more effective in the long run to take a break to recharge. This will give you time to take care of yourself and find inspiration and motivation again. Plus writing without the pressure of a self-imposed deadline can do wonders for your creativity. The writing block that you thought you had can magically disappear. At the end you will have content to schedule out.

Reconnect with your why

Sometimes you need to take time off to reconnect with your purpose. If you are constantly going, then you can lose your way. You need to pause and evaluate where you are headed. By slowing down you can determine whether the path that you are on is still the right one. Goals can change over time. What you wanted to achieve a year ago can be vastly different from the present. If you don’t allow yourself that time off negative feelings can arise. You may become unmotivated and feel confused. The thing that once brought you joy can feel like a burden. Make sure and take time to re-evaluate your goals so that you are living intentionally.

Perform administrative tasks

Sometimes it is hard keeping try of all the behind the scene works that goes on when blogging. Or sometimes you feel like you just don’t know enough but you also don’t have time to learn. Taking a blogging break can help. You can focus on learning skills required to help you achieve your blogging goals. Then you can apply that to your blog. Whether it is SEO optimising, proofreading or trying to find a theme that best suits your style, time off is important. Don’t worry that your blog will fail in your absence or that people might unfollow. In every job, you are entitled to a vacation, the same with blogging. Your followers will understand and will appreciate the effort you are going through to improve your skills. After all, it will benefit their reading experience and potentially allow you to reach more people.

Taking a blogging break can help you to achieve success and be more productive in the future.

Thank you for reading.


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