3 Things That Made Me Happy This Month: Joy in the Simple Things

It is great to be back. I am writing this on Saturday 20th March, 2021 at 2:37pm GMT-4 and I feel great. I finished writing my first newsletter in the earlier half of this day and it is ready to go. Stay tuned for that. It will be going live March 28th at 11:00am. If you haven’t as yet, I would greatly appreciate it if you signed up for my mailing list.

Now that I have gotten the news out of the way, let us get on with this post.

While I have been away, I have experienced both bouts of frustration and excitement as I tried to re-evaluate my goals and decide on future plans. But mostly I have been thankful. Thankful for these 3 things that have made me happy this month.


I never thought I would say that a social media platform made me happy. But it has. The main reason is the connection I am feeling with my followers. I enjoy getting to know new people, to support fellow creators and to push my creative abilities as I design content. Mostly, it is interacting with my community. Everyone is amazing. I love the support and engagement. I hope to build the same rapport here with you. It will be different because of the platform but I look forward to a lot of comments from and discussions with you.

Designing content

I touched on this in the previous point but it deserves its own spot. I have been enjoying creating content for Instagram, mainly because I am most active there. However, in general I am happy creating new posts, blog banners and other graphics. I can honestly see myself doing graphic design in the future as a source of income. What better way to make a living that from something you enjoy doing.


I must say, I was not the most athletic or physically active person when I was younger. But since I started yoga in 2018 as a way to cope with anxiety attacks, I have fallen in joy with moving my body. During that time I used YouTube to stream yoga classes and other workouts. Then late last year, I think, I found FitOn. It has been great. They offer a wide variety of workouts, have a number of trainers and they personalised your workouts to fit your goal. It is awesome. I have only been using the free version so far but is golden. Moving my body has never been easier and I truly feel happy when I can get a workout in before starting my work day. I don’t have to think about what workout I need to do or remember when to start. The app reminds you and selects workouts for you. Of course you can do something else if you want.

These are the three things that have made me happy this month. I hope your month has been amazing. I am excited to be sharing more content with you in the future.

What has brought you joy this month?

Let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.


PS: This post is not sponsored. I realise the FitOn one sounds like it might be but alas it is not. I truly just enjoy the app. But that would be nice though. 🤔

PSS: I have to mention Olivia‘s collaborated blogger resources. I highly recommend both her 30 Day Blogging Strategy and SEO for Beginners guides to help you on your blogging journey.

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