14 Relaxing Valentine’s Day Self Care Tips

Valentine’s Day as been popularised as a day for couples in love which can bring up feelings of loneliness in the single population. But it does not have to be that way. Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of love, of all kinds. What better way to celebrate that than by showering yourself with love. The longest relationship you will ever have in life is with yourself. Do not be disheartened by this holiday but take it as an opportunity to practice some self-care.

Have a date with yourself

Go grocery shopping and carefully select each item for your favourite recipe. Choose a lovely bottle of wine to go with it. Take your time as you prepare your meal, enjoying every scent and flavour. Fix your hair and get dressed up in your favourite outfit. Set the table with your best dishes, turn on some music and light a scented candle or diffuser. You may also set up on your couch if your prefer. Savour each bite of food and taste of wine as you take this moment to nourish your body.

Move your body

Getting some kind of an activity in is important for keeping your body fit and strong. Choose something that you enjoy and makes you feel confidence and powerful in your body. Do a gentle stretch or follow an online yin yoga class. Put on some happy music and dance across your room. Try pilates, spin or a HIIT workout or go outside for a walk or jog. Just pick something that makes you feel good.

Treat yourself

Buy yourself that item, you know what it is, that you have been pining for. It is okay to splurge on yourself once in a while, especially after surviving a year like 2020. Get that makeup kit you wanted or the stationery set you have been eyeing since last year, or that piece of clothing that has been on the back of your mind since Christmas.

Spend time with friends

If your have other single friends who are feeling a bit out of sorts about Valentines Day, why not invite them over and spend the day together. Shower each other with love and support. Make it a day to celebrate your friendship and practice some self-care. It is great spending time with people you love.

Pamper yourself

If it is possible, go to a spa and let this be your treat to yourself. Get a facial and massage. Or do a DIY version at home alone or together with your friends. Don’t forget the goodies as well.

Do something that makes you happy

Connect with your inner child and do an activity that brings you joy. Enjoy a good book, spend some time outside exploring, go for a bike ride or sing along to your favourite songs. Remember how fun it was to get lost in an activity for the simply pleasure of it.

Take time to destress

We are constantly running around, hunch over our devices or sitting for long periods of time, storing tension in our bodies as we go through our busy lives. It is necessary to take some time to relax and get rid of all that stress and tension. Do a 5 minute stretch, go for a swim, meditate, put on a diffuser with lavender and lemon essential oil, give yourself a massage or get lost in the pages of a colouring book.

Clear your mind

Our minds are constantly going: processing, analysing, storing, and retrieving information from the world around us. Give your amazing brain a break by practicing meditation, writing out your thoughts or emptying your internal clutter through art.

Take a Social Media Break

Take the day off from scrolling through your various feeds and watching everyone’s highlight reels. It is important to distance ourselves from the all the various perspectives we are constantly bombarded with online. Use this break to process everything and do some reflection on whether what you are consuming is inspiring or draining you.

Perform an act of service

Giving back is a great way to bring joy and happiness into your life and into the life of others. Do something kind and unexpected for someone today. It can be as simple as helping your neighbor with their groceries or outgoing as volunteering at a shelter. Always remember to keep safe and follow protocols such as washing your hands with soap and water, sanitising and not gathering closely in large crowds.

Reflect and plan

Make time today to recalibrate. Check in with your goals and see how much progress you have made. Do you need to re-evaluate your strategy or have some of your goals changed? Reflect on these questions and make a new plan of action for the rest of this month, quarter or year.


Observe your life and pay attention to the blessings you have. You are alive, your breathe flows in and out of your nose and mouth, your body supports and carries you about, you have loved ones, you have shelter, you have access to basic needs and you have the luxury of technology and internet to connect with others. Take note of all that you have to be grateful for and write it down.

Slow Down

Most of us have been forced to slow down in some areas of our lives. However, looking at my life, I can say that their are other areas that have speed up. Consciously bring your awareness to the areas of your life that you are trying to rush through. Nothing is wrong with working hard but we need to take time to enjoy the journey. Stop pressuring yourself to catch up with others and meet them. Life is a marathon not a sprint and we all have our own timing.

Challenge yourself

It is important to push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Not better than anyone else but better than you. What do you need to work on today to find and love your authentic self? Remember even in the process of self growth, you are enough as you are in this moment.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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