9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Show Your Love

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and buying gifts are a physical representation of our affection. As a result we spend lots of money on gifts to express our feelings and impress others. Nothing is wrong with spending lots of money on your loved ones but I think the best gifts should be memorable. It should be meaningful to the person you are giving it to.

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Flowers, chocolate and candy are nice but can be easily forgotten and discarded after Valentine’s Day is over. So before going out and spending your money on a gift, be mindful of the person that you are giving it to. Consider what they like, enjoy and value. On that note, here are 7 thoughtful gift ideas to give your love ones this Valentine’s.

Photo album

What better way to show how much you cherish your time with someone that to create a photo album of cherished memories. This is a wonderful gift that they can look back on and reminisce on time spent together. When putting together the album, ensure you select photos that are meaningful to the person. Remember that everyone’s perspective on an experience is different from yours. This might take some research to figure out. You can try gently bringing up past experiences with the person to gage their reaction.

Customised mug

If your love one enjoys drinking coffee or tea then this can be a great gift. You can either add their name or a favourite quote or significant date or all to the cup. Everything time they reach for it they will think of you and the memory that cups with it.

Engraved Jewellery or Timepiece

Did you notice your friend or spouse, eyeing a necklace or watch while out browsing one day? Surprise them with it but go one step further by adding their name to the piece. If your loved one already has a lot of jewellery then consider a jewellery box engraved with their name or anything else of significance.

Custom Comic Book

This is an amazing way to immortalise the story of you and your partner. Find a illustrator that you love and have them create a comic book telling you and your partner’s story. Make sure and get your partner’s point of view in there. This is a gift that can be passed down to your kids and grandkids as a tribute to their beginning.


This is for the person who loves the open road, adventure and spontaneity. I am sure by now that they are tired of being confined at home. Organise a day out or weekend to a favourite place or somewhere new. Make sure they have no plans that day or weekend in advance and surprise them with this trip. Ensure that you are following social distancing guidelines and best practices for your safety.

Illustrated portrait

Take a favourite photo and get it re-done as an illustration. It can be a picture of you and your love ones or a portrait of them alone. Frame it in a lovely woodwork or custom frame for display on their mantle or wall.

Book Collection

For the book lover, find a set of their favourite book and get it signed by the author, if possible or purchase a book or two from their reading list. It will be a pleasant surprise. You can also add a customised bookmark with their favourite quote.

There are so many thoughtful gift options out there. It takes a bit more time and can cost more but the sentiment behind it is worth it. The gift receiver will definitely appreciate your effort. Feel free to accompany each gift with the traditional flowers, candy or chocolate. If delicious goodies is all you can afford, then craft your own card or package in a DIY gift box to add a touch of personality to the gift.

Customised Puzzle Set

What a great way to bring a piece of the family into every game with the kids. Choose a favourite family photo to use as the completed piece in the puzzle. Your kids and family will enjoy putting together this lovely image.

Pet Portrait Quilt

This is a great way to immortalise your pet and also keep warm and cozy together. You can also consider a throw pillow or blanket.

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