How to Share the Love This Valentines and Onwards

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Let us make Valentines extra special this year. I think right now the world needs a little more love, inspiration and light. There are so many ways we can spread the love , so tap into your heart today and give until we have enveloped the world. In today’s post I will be sharing some insights and tips on sharing the love.


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In all things we must begin with ourselves. Change starts with you and extends outward into the world. In order to spread love, we must first learn to love ourselves. Let this Valentines be your first step on your journey to self-love. For this week and onwards take care of your heart, mind, body and spirit. Do the things that make you happy and set boundaries against the things that harm you.

Self-love actions

  • Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath or shower
  • Move your body in a way you enjoy
  • Take care of your mind and connect with your inner world through meditation, journalling or prayer


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Be a blessing and support to your significant other. Remember to show them your love and express your gratitude. Sometimes we forget to do the simple things, not because we do not care but we take their presence for granted. Each of our time on this earth is finite and we do not know when that time will run out. Therefore, be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions towards that special someone.

Loving partner

  • Give your undivided attention. Observe, appreciate and enjoy your partner with all your senses.
  • Follow without comprise or complaint, within reason. Allow him or her to lead you for the day. Do not try to get your way or change his or her mind, let that person guide you and set the tone for the day. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate your trust.
  • Relieve a burden. Take over a task or chore that your significant other dislikes.

Close friends or family

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These are the most important people in your life, outside of yourself and partner. They are your gifted and chosen family, here to guide and help you through life. Be sure to let them know that you love and value their presence and support.

Great friend

  • Reach out. Life can get very busy as we juggle our many roles and sometimes we forget to check in with our family and friends. Set a reminder to reach out at least once a week and may sure and call or text this Valentine’s Day.
  • Gift your time. Time is a valuable resource. When you give your time to others it shows that you value them and that they are a priority. Are you giving your time to those you hold dear?
  • Listen. Sometimes we are in a conversation but we are not truly listening. We are either focused on what our response will be or thinking about what is going on in our life. Our minds are easily distracted and very self-absorbed so make a conscious effort to actively listen, not just to the words but to non-verbal cues as well.


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We all belong to a community. We are surrounded by neighbours and persons that make up our daily lives. How can you be a better person today and share your love with these extended family members?

Better neighbour

  • Greet your neighbour. Say a friendly hello, good morning, good night when you notice them.
  • Ask about their day. Take a moment to find out if they need assistance or just make small talk for a few minutes. This can help build rapport and community love.
  • Act of service. Be kind and do something nice and unexpected for your neighbour.

Co-workers or Clients

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We are now in contact with a range of persons from different places. These persons are another extension of your family. They are persons you work closely with or for. They help you grow professionally and support your livelihood.

Supportive colleague or provider

  • Leave a testimonial on your co-workers LinkedIn profile or website or let your boss know how well they performed on a task.
  • Host a giveaway or provide an exclusive discount to your most supportive clients to show your appreciation.
  • Go out of your way. Help your colleagues with a project that they are having trouble with but has no benefit to you. Give more to a client than they expected, they may be struggling with something.


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Do you consider the persons that provide a service in your community such as the delivery driver, mail person, sanitation workers, police officers or doctors? I think sometimes we are so absorbed in our own lives that we forget that the persons that provide us with a service are human too.

Conscious citizen

  • Bake some goodies and take to your local police station, fire station or family doctor.
  • Pass out gifts to random persons in your community or give gift baskets to persons you know are in need.
  • Craft a giant heart or put up a bullet board and put it up in a central part of your community for locals to write and share ones of love and appreciation.


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We are officially outside your immediate scope of interactions and out into the world. The world is a large but interconnected place. If each of us can at best spread love in our communities then surely the entire world will be affected, like a ripple in a pond.

Mindful human

  • Be mindful of cultural differences. Take the time to learn about the persons you interact with and their customs. This will greatly improve your interaction and make others feel appreciated.
  • Embrace differences. Being unique is part of our genetics, just scan your fingerprints and you will see. Learning to appreciate each others uniqueness can help us to feel comfortable with our identities and accept ourselves.
  • Remember that we are all humans. We need to be each other’s keeper. Support one another, love one another, respect one another. Even though we may not understand each other or know each others experiences, we can still give our love. We are one human family and should always thrive to protect each other.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

— Dalai Lama 

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“While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

— Albus Dumbledore

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Thank you for reading.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly


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