5 Fun and Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentines With Your Family

Create a jar of love

Repurpose a jam jar or use a mason jar and use it store sweet words of love. Let each member of the family write short love notes, phrases or a word to add to the jar. You can start to fill it up now and open the jar on Valentines Day and any day you need to be reminded of the love in your life.

Craft Day

Gather all the family art and craft supplies, the ones you have been occupying your kids or self with during the lockdown, and make some simple Valentine themed designs. Cut out simple hearts from Bristol board or paint them on a canvas or paper to be hung on display in the living room. Decorate with your home with some DIY decor made by the entire family.

Send DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Make some lovely, yet simple cards and mail it to extended family, friends, co-workers or give to strangers. Spread the love this year through the gift of giving. It is a great way to surprise and cheer someone up and remind them that are loved and appreciated.

Valentine’s Themed Breakfast

Surprise the kids or partner with a delicious and hearty breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, toast and eggs, egg hearts or lace crepes. Or turn it into a family activity and get everyone involved in the making process.

Family Date

Have a fun filled day outdoors, no phones allowed. Take the family out for lunch and spend some quality dining time together. Then take a walk in the park or explore local sites. Maybe take a drive to the next town, getting back home with enough time to enjoy some family movies. Do not forget the snacks, popcorn and drinks. After the kids go to bed, spend some quiet time with your partner or self.

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentines With Your Family

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