Fun Things to Do With Friends on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been commercialise as a day for couples to spend money on each other through extravagant gifts. However, I think Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and symbolises the importance of love in our life. Therefore, do not feel left out if you are single because there is more than romantic love out there. Make Valentine’s Day memorable by celebrating with your friends or family.

Gift Exchange

Meet up at your local park and exchange thoughtful gifts with your BFFs. Or send a gift in the mail and surprise them with a tangible show of your affection.

Sleep Over

If allowed, host a sleep over with your friends. Watch some movies, play games and set up your own sip and paint.

Spa Day

You can either go to a spa, if possible, or have a DIY spa day at a designated friend’s home. Play music, chat and pamper yourselves this Valentine’s Day with your chosen family.

Weekend Getaway

Go some place you have always wanted to go. It does not have to be somewhere exotic or expensive. Take this as a time to get away from the hustle of life and enjoy some fun, quality time with your favourite people.

Lunch Date

Get dressed up and go to a restaurant with your friends. Treat yourselves to a lovely lunch with appetizers, desserts and wine.

Local tourist

Plan a group trip to explore your community. Visit all the tourist spots, if open, and enjoy your day out. Support your local artist by buying a souvenir to commemorate the day.

Fun Day

Invite your friends over and have a fun day. Make crafts to give to a random person, bake something together, cook or order food and write a letter to each other expressing your love and gratitude for one another.

Fun Things to do with Friends

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