Easy DIY Date Ideas on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is exactly one week away. What are you doing to celebrate the day with your partner this year? I know times are challenging right now, so here are 3 simple budget-friendly date ideas that you can try this Valentines.

Go on a Picnic

This is an easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day while enjoying the outdoor scenery and spending quality time with your partner. Carefully select your favourite easy-to-make food, choose a wine you enjoy and pick your favourite desserts. Pack each item a nice basket, lunch kit or cooler for easy transport. Dress up in comfy but well loved outdoor wear and make it an adventure by driving around until you find the best spot. You can also choose a spot in advance.

Romantic Dinner at Home

If your not interested in the outdoor picnic because of the weather or you simply want to stay in, then plan a simple but thoughtful dinner at home. Organise your recipes the night before and prepare a lovely meal together. Enjoy the entire process from cooking to setting the table and dressing up. Put on your favourite music, turn down the lights, maybe light a scented candle or put on a diffuser to help set the mood.

Get active

After that lovely picnic or dinner, why not continue your date with some physical activity. Take a stroll through the neighbourhood or get your bike out and explore the area.

Even better, try all three ideas. Surprise your partner with a picnic lunch, followed by a bike ride to enjoy the scenery. Then enjoy your romantic dinner and follow that up with a walk around the neighborhood. Make the day magical with these simple date ideas.

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