3 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt During The Pandemic

Today is the last Thursday of January (can you believe 27 days have gone by in 2021 already) and my last post about the impacts of 2020. Sadly, I can’t say it will be the final COVID-19 related post because this pandemic insists on keeping our attention with its persistence. However, I will be looking ahead from February to the rest of 2021.

With that, here are the three life lessons that the pandemic has taught me.

It is time to become my own boss

We all go to school and study hard to get good grades so that we can find a good job that can support our lifestyle. We move through life following the set guidelines of society, hoping that we will get what is “promised” to us. But as many of us know, life doesn’t work that way and even though we follow along with society’s doctrine to success, a lot of us never achieve the financial freedom we want. We spend 40 hours or more every week working for someone else, investing our time and energy into someone else’s company, sacrificing our time, social life and sometimes our health to meet company demands. Then in times of crisis, some not all, let you go at a drop of a hat without care to your financial situation or the sacrifices you have made over the length of your tenure.

It is a sad reality of many persons affected by the pandemic. I understand that most organisations are feeling the impact and taking a financial lost as well but this has really shown me the necessity of becoming my own boss. It is the only way I can have a measure of control over my financial future and career. It is a risky endeavour but life is full of risk anywhere. I rather risk investing in my future self than letting someone else determine my path.

Quote about being your own boss

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Fear is a tricky emotion. It helps us to response to danger by activating our flight or fight response but it can also point us in the direction we need to go. We are know that our time on this planet is finite but the pandemic seems determined to shove our mortality in our faces. It has shown me how easily life can change and how drastically life events can impact our lifestyle. We are not guaranteed to be here tomorrow or in the next minute or second, which is a scary thought. But, instead of letting the fear of dying stop me from living my life, I choose to let fear guide me to do what I want to, to take that risk.

Quote about not trying

I recently listened to a video clip by Marie Forleo that made me rethink fear.

She explains that besides fear warning us of danger, it can also be showing us the direction we need to go. Therefore, we need to be mindful of what fear is telling us.

As Marie Forleo says maybe we are misinterpreting fear and it was actually telling you go. The thing about fear is that it presents similar physiological symptoms as excitement. We experience a surge of adrenaline that makes our hearts beat faster, our breathing change, our chest tightens and you start to sweat. As such how we perceive these bodily reactions determines whether we fear the situation or are excited by it.

Live intentionally

The third life lesson this pandemic has taught me is to live with purpose. This is important to me that I live a life aligned with my values. My roles, characteristics and goals need to reflect these values. I do not want to live my life living someone else’s idea of a dream life, only to wake up one day and realise that I never achieved my goals or attempted to be the person I wanted to be.

From a young age we are given scripts to follow in life. These scripts are passed on from our parents, teachers and society as a whole. It defines what a successful life is and shapes who we are. Do you or I really know the person that stares at us in the dusted mirror of everyone’s expectations. It is difficult to break the cycle and find yourself in the layers of dust that coats us but it is time to clear away the dust and see the person beneath.

It is time to get to know the you that has been hiding behind the fear of not fitting in or of disappointing someone or being rejected. Let us help each other find ourselves and embrace our uniqueness. It is time for some self-reflection, time to identify our values and make that a part of our daily lives.

Quote about being unique

Well that last point took on a completely different tone but writing is strange like that. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for the blog post idea Olivia.

What has the pandemic taught you? Are you living life intentionally?

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Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.


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