Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty

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Do you want to have the mindset of a monk without having to give up all your worldly possessions? Then let us embark on a journey together as we learn about the ancient wisdom of monks and how their teaching can apply to modern day life.

Jay Shetty is a podcaster, Youtuber, former monk and author whose purpose is to make wisdom go viral. He shares his story with us in the form of a self-help book to help us think like a monk.

As a young man, Jay was always studious and driven but like most individuals he was afflicted by life challenges. He was troubled for his weight and got into trouble with drugs and liming with the wrong crowd until he got a way up call. His school was going to suspend him and this gave him the nudge to change his path. Later, while in university one of his friends invited him to see a monk speak. He reluctantly agreed to go, sealing his fate and setting a new path in motion. Fascinated by the wisdom, happiness and peace the monk eluded, Jay sort out the monk to learn more and went to his various talks.

Soon after, Jay was spending half of his summers interning at corporations and the other half training with monks. He did this for four summers until finally deciding that he was giving up the typically path to success in the corporate world to live the minimalist life of a monk. Though unsure of this path, he had never felt more alive than when he was with the monks and so began his three year journey as a monk.

During that time Jay learnt how to live life with intention, about the importance of thoughts in shaping our world and what the path to happiness is. His time their allowed him to discover his dharma, roughly translated as calling. In doing so, a new path appeared to him. With the blessings of his monk mentors Jay left the ashram to spread the teachings of the monks to world. The student was now the teacher.

However, even with the knowledge he had gain, uncertainty about how to transfer his lessons into the modern world left him doubtful and lost. But, he soon realised that though his surrounding had changed he could bring the practices of his monk life into his modern life with some adaptations.

I really enjoyed Jay’s writing style. His story-telling ability translates well into writing and I could hear the rhythm of his soothing voice as he shared his wisdom. He made many references of monk philosophy, which are typically abstract in content, understandable and relatable by sharing his own experience and using modern day examples. His ability to translate these theories with examples really made the lesson concrete and accessible. I especially loved the fact that he included various activities, challenges to try after each section. This is a great way for readers to absorb the information. I know I remember something that I can put into practice rather than just read.

This book will definitely suit persons interested in personal development and philosophy as this book was centered around teaching individuals to develop a monk mindset in life. The central themes are letting go, growth and giving. The topics range from understanding your identity and how others can blur our vision of ourselves, discovering your dharma and navigating relationships, to name a few. Central to all this is mindfulness, being aware of ourselves.

As a non-monk, is that a word, I found Think Like A Monk very informative, practical and easy to understand. I think that makes it an awesome self-help book. It had no grammatical errors or typos that I noticed. The transitions flowed well and it was very engaging. I would give it five out of five stars.

Thank you for reading. Kindly like if this review was informative and leave your comments. Have you read Think Like A Monk yet? I would love to discuss it.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.


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