Why You Should Have a Daily Routine

What exactly is a routine?

A routine is like a habit or sequence that doesn’t vary. It is an unvarying or habitual method or procedure.


Why is a routine important?

Routines provide structure to our day. It gives us the freedom to be creative and productive because we have organise our days in semblance of order that we can follow. When we have routines in our lives it takes away the stress of deciding what to do everyday, decreasing decision fatigue. Now, we have room to focus on the important aspects of our lives.

Having a routine can also help us in times of uncertainty and chaos because we know what we need to do and it gives us a measure of control. It helps us to incorporate healthy habits into our lives without thought such as making time for family activities, self-care practices and leisure. We know when and where these tasks are going to happen and how long it will take.

Nine benefits of a daily routine

  1. Provide structure in our lives which helps us to achieve our goals and track our success.
  2. Reduces the need to plan and stress over simple tasks.
  3. Saves us time from planning and making decisions which frees up time to explore new things or simply relax.
  4. Makes us more adept as a result of repetition which builds our self-confidence and sustains momentum.
  5. Helps develop good habits and break bad ones.
  6. Saves money since we already know what we need, therefore we can bulk buy healthy foods, take out a gym membership or subscribe to plans we will use regularly.
  7. Pushes us to prioritise what is important to us and get that done.
  8. Frees us from having to remember what to do.
  9. Reduces procrastination and the need for will power over time as tasks became habitual, like brushing our teeth everyday.

I know having a routine might seem boring and too strict for some but remember your routine is your own design. One that can help you live a life with balance and the freedom to express yourself without the burden of thinking, how do I make time for this. Since it is your design you can tweak it whenever it is not working for you or as the roles in your life changes with time. However, it is important that the routines we build are healthy and uplifts us instead of diminishes our growth.

Quote by Stephen Covey:
Our character is basically a composite of our habits...

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