9 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

After being confined home for the better part of last year, I would definitely like to spend some time this year exploring and trying new things if possible. At this moment we are not in a lockdown, thankfully, so I can move about the country relatively freely. The key is just to adhere to social distancing rules and hygiene protocols. Apart from moving about more, there are eight other activities that I am looking forward to in 2021.

Teaching an online class. I have been contemplating this since last year but I did not know how to arrange my knowledge into a class, so I passed on the opportunity last year. Now that it has come again, I am taking the steps to start. I have never done any video production or editing but I am looking forward to learning and trying it out for myself. Do you have any tips on video production and editing?

Hosting a donation drive. My best friend and her family hosted a Christmas drive last year and I loved the idea. It is a great way to give back to the community and provide some basic necessities and treats to families or persons in need.

Getting my qualifications in Graphic Design on a Budget and Blogging and Content Marketing with Shaw Academy. Last year I was lucky enough to get a 6-month membership with Shaw Academy. Now I can complete the courses I started in December 2020 and develop my skills.

Becoming my own boss. After being let go by the organisation I had been working on and off with since February 2018, I am really tired of the lack of job security. This year I want to take steps to secure my financial future and control my time. It will be interesting yet challenging investment that will provide me with the flexibility to live my life the way I want. I know this might not happen right away but I am definitely making it a priority this year.

Working on personal illustration projects. I want to develop my skills as an artist in the hopes of becoming an illustrator some day. Therefore, assigning myself projects to work on and starting an ugly sketchbook will help me grow my skills and develop my portfolio.

Strengthening relationships. Relationships are important so I will be mentioning it alot. I want to take time to nurture and deepen my connection with my partner and family. Even though we are all busy and unable to find quantity time, we can definitely arrange quality time together. Time without the distraction of technology, unless that is how you are connecting, and a never-ending to-do list on my mind.

Investing time in my existing friendships and creating new ones. I definitely need to expand my circle a bit. I am a homebody with very few deep friendships which means my partner has had the burden of playing many roles in my life. That is a strenuous task for anyone. Despite what media portrays in movies and books, one person cannot and should not be your everything. Therefore it is equally important to maintain friendships and interests outside of your romantic relationship.

Getting back into a routine. I want to create a mindful and intentional self-care routine that rejuvenates and replenishes my mind, body and spirit. I love waking up early but during the last few weeks of 2020 I have allowed myself to sleep in and not adhere to my usual routine. That is fine, but I function much better and I am more productive when I stick to my regular schedule. Therefore, I will be taking lil steps everyday until I am back on track.

Make sure and take time this month to re-affirm your values so that you can live and enjoy an intentional life that makes you feel fulfilled and inspired.

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Thank you for reading. Kindly like this post if you enjoyed the content and let me know what you are looking forward to this year in the comments section.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.


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    1. Thank you. 😊 Hopefully everything works out. It will be my first attempt at one. 🤞🏽I will keep you updated. It would be nice if bloggers could team up and do a giveaway. Idea for a future date.

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