My 2021 Goals

I cannot believe that it is January 01st 2021, even though I have been counting the days.

Happy New Year Graphic

I hope this post meets you happy and healthy and enthusiastic to continue our journey. May you have a year of success, growth, happiness and love. May self-care and leisure be a regular part of your life. Many blessings to you.

In the spirit of the new year, I have decided to share my top 21 goals for 2021 as my first post of the year. They will be placed under six (6) categories for easier tracking by me. Some of these are goals are either on-going or carry-over (uncompleted) goals from last year.

Top 21 Goals for 2021


  1. Post consistently every Friday to Sunday at 10:30am EST.
  2. To collaborate with other bloggers.
  3. To get a custom domain and or upgrade my WordPress plan to the premium or business option.
  4. To educate myself on SEO and digital marketing


  1. To actively pursue my art: painting and drawing (on-going)
  2. To actively learn a new language: preferably Japanese but Spanish is easier (carry-over)
  3. To gain qualification in graphic design (on-going)


  1. To be debt free (on-going)
  2. To rebuild my savings
  3. To find online job opportunities


  1. To volunteer my time
  2. To host a donation drive
  3. Find a charity to support


  1. To develop new friendships
  2. To allocate more time to my current friends and family
  3. To spend quantity and quality time with my partner (on-going)


  1. To be more hands-on in the kitchen
  2. To make time for self-care (on-going)
  3. To read more books (carry-over)
  4. To connect with my inner voice, intuition, God
  5. To boost my health and fitness (on-going)

These are what I hope to make progress on this year. Some of these will be challenging but that’s all part of the fun. Who knows, some of these goals might change during the year and that is okay too.

These goals are general, so remember to make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable. Relevant and Time-based) when planning for the year.

Thank you for reading this post. Happy New Year’s Day again.

Welcome 2021 Graphic

Leave a like if you enjoyed this post and let me know some of your goals this year in the comments section.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.


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