What Does Makeup Mean To You?

It is December 21st at 7:58pm EST and I am struggling to find an idea for this post. One of my friends, who is a makeup artist was suppose to create a video for me to upload, however due to life’s unexpected twists that did not work out. As result I have decided to change up the topic a bit. Anyway, on with today’s discussion.

I am not a makeup person. To be honest I don’t wear makeup at all because I find it is too much hassle and I just never got into it. The only things I apply to my face are skincare products. However, I enjoy watching my friend do makeup and seeing the transformation that makeup can create. Makeup is an amazing form of art and self-expression. What I what to find out today is what makeup means to you.

What are your thoughts about make-up? Do you think you need makeup to look and feel beautiful?

What do you think of men wearing makeup? Do you consider makeup as genderless? Is makeup a way for you to enhance and celebrate your body or a way to hide your scars and insecurities?

In light of relating to my blogmas content list, I thought I would still share a makeup video with you. I found this on YouTube, hope you enjoy.

Christmas Makeup Looks

Like if you enjoyed this content and leave a comment with your answers. I am really interested in hearing your opinions.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays.

Love generously, inspire daily, learn constantly.


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