Family Christmas Activities

Christmas is a time for sharing, giving, loving and celebrating. It is the one time of the year that people seem to put aside their differences and come together to reconnect, forgive or let things go. Sometimes that connection is temporary and we lose that feeling of community after the season ends and the grind and hustle of life gets in the way again. I understand that. We are only human after all and can be very self centered. It is sad and unfortunate that the spirit of love and forgiveness only seems to last for the Christmas season but I guess that what’s makes Christmas time special.

No matter what has happened this year and the struggle you’ve endured we can take this time to reconnect and build our family bonds, especially since we are basically confined to home. I know it can be boring, tedious and tense being stuck at home even with loved ones. Let’s make the most of our time together this holiday season and enjoy some family activities. Below are 25 activities that you and your family can engage in this Christmas and onwards.

  1. Host a Secret Santa with immediate family
  2. Make your own Christmas decorations and ornaments
  3. Pick out a Christmas tree
  4. Decorate the Christmas tree
  5. Bake favouite family treats
  6. Read Christmas stories near the tree or by the fireplace with the lights off
  7. Take a family Christmas card photo
  8. Make your own advent calendar
  9. Write a letter to Santa and mail it
  10. Have a slumber party in the living room
  11. Create a family Christmas playlist
  12. Take a family drive to see neighborhood decorations
  13. Have a crafts day
  14. Watch your favourite Christmas movie
  15. Surprise your neighbors with Christmas Carol while adhering to social distancing rules
  16. Delilver a holiday hamper to a neighborhood in need
  17. Make DIY gifts for loved ones
  18. Plan a family photoshoot
  19. Create a family time capsule ornament
  20. Host a family Christmas karaoke
  21. Have a family game night
  22. Design a Christmas sweater or tee for the family
  23. Decorate each room
  24. Have a family self-care day
  25. Say what you are grateful for

I hope this list of activities meet you in good health and spirit. Have a Merry Christmas.

Thank you for reading my post. Leave a like if you enjoyed this post and a comment sharing some of your Christmas family activities.

Happy Holidays.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.


A Family Christmas Activities List

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