Christmas In My Life

From September the first parang and Christmas classics begins playing on the radio as we count down to Christmas. We celebrate 100 days of Christmas which is great.

In my household we start decorating in mid to late November with the final touches being added on Christmas Eve night. First we decide on what colour scheme we’re working with that year. Then we go and buy paint and curtains to match along with decorations.

We use to go Christmas grocery shopping the day before Christmas Eve but financial constraints mean that we wait until the last moments, Christmas Eve night to shop. By then we have all pooled our income and we have fun shopping at night. The atmosphere is excited and hectic as we move among fellow last minute shoppers. However, mom usually goes to the market that morning to get the fresh meat, seasoning and produce. We prepare the meats during the day to be baked later that night.

When we get home, we unload everything, pack away groceries and start cooking and baking. It’s usually an all night event but it’s fun. The Christmas music, laughter and conversation keeps us going.

As I mentioned in my previous post, everyone usually falls asleep leaving my mom to finish up. We awake to the finish product. We begin Christmas day opening presents. Then we have breakfast before relaxing and watching a Christmas Movie. Christmas day is just with our family and it’s very slow and uneventful compared to the bustle of the night before.

What does Christmas in your life look like? Leave a comment.

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Happy Holidays.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.

Thank you for reading.


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