Favourite Christmas Memory

I have always loved Christmas. I enjoy everything about it: the smell of paint when we’re redecorating, shopping for decorations and gifts, putting up the decorations late into the night and hiding gifts from the rest of the family.

My mom and I are usually the ones to go decor and gift shopping for everyone then we make a family event of grocery shopping. I especially love that last minute hustle to make groceries on Christmas Eve night 😅. Then we stay up late helping mom prepare food for Christmas day.

However, my favourite memory comes after falling asleep on Christmas Eve night with the the final touches yet to be completed then waking up to the house transformed. It feels magical.

The crisp morning air, the new curtains in the living room, which mom puts up on Christmas Eve after we’ve fallen asleep, and the smell of breakfast. It is beautiful.

No matter how tight our budget might be or the struggle during the year, my mom makes Christmas compensate for all that. I love how she loves Christmas and for passing on that joy for Christmas to us.

I am very grateful to my mom for making Christmas morning feel like magic. Thanks mom. 😊

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Happy Holidays.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.

Thank you for reading.


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