Christmas on a Budget

The majority of us enjoy the Christmas season and all that it entails. We love spending time with our families, decorating, giving gifts, spending time out with each other and making a festive meal. However all those things adds up which makes setting a budget so important.

I know things are different this year. We might not be able to go out or visit with friends and family as much or at all due to the pandemic. On a side note, the lockdown we have been experiencing may have helped to lessen the cost of liming this year. Regardless, some of us have taken a financial hit this year due to loss of jobs and medical expenses and as a result our Christmas budget may be a lot smaller than usual.

In light of this, I would like to share with you some tips for celebrating Christmas on a Budget.

Ways to do Christmas on a Budget

  1. Make a Christmas Budget. The first and most important step is to set a budget for Christmas. This will help you decide on all other aspects of the season, such as groceries, gifts, decor and other expenses.
  2. Prioritise. What aspect of Christmas is most important to you? Is having a nice meal with your family? Is it giving gifts? Whatever it is make that a top priority on your list so you know how much money to allocate to that.
  3. 3. Be mindful of sales and deals. Don’t get caught up in these tactics that are designed to make consumer spend money on items that might not be a priority. Focus on your list of priorities and keep you budget in mind.
  4. 4. Price check. It’s a great idea to have a calculator on hand or use an app to help you find the best deals on items that you actually need. In this instance you are many deals or sales work in your favour instead of the other way around.
  5. Have a secret Santa Budget. If you are taking part of secret Santa this year then collaborate with the participants so that you can create a budget that works for everyone.
  6. Make your own presents. This can be a fun and creative challenge that is both personal and inexpensive, depending on the materials needed. Remember to price check and stick to your gift budget.
  7. Get cashback or use loyalty points. Why not make use of the various cashback options available when shopping online. Don’t forget to utilise your loyalty points that you accumulated while shopping during the year.

Christmas Shopping Tips

  1. Set a spending limit. Allocate funds for all your shopping expenses.
  2. Write out a shopping list and stick to it. Make sure the list is with you and easily accessible.
  3. Use cash so that you are immediately aware of how much money is going and what you have remaining.
  4. Shop by yourself. This will discourage any unnecessary purchases if your companions make requests or exclaim over great deals. You know how it goes when you go shopping with others.
  5. Don’t over buy gifts for the kids. Use this guide to help with your gift buying for your kids. Purchase:
    • A want
    • A need
    • Something to wear
    • A book to read

Gift Giving

Purchasing gifts can be an expensive task and it can be quite stressful when you have a tight budget to work with. Here a three inexpensive but valuable gift ideas for you this Christmas.

  1. Make your own gift. I know that I am repeating myself but this is a thoughtful way to give without overextending yourself. The best part is that you can tailor your gift to the person.
  2. Bake a delicious treat or part of a dish and gift that to a friend, family member or neighbor. This is a yummy and thoughtful gift because not only are they getting something delicious to eat but you are saving them from yet another meal to prepare.
  3. Perform an act of service. If you are not on lockdown and not currently at risk in your neighborhood or with your loved ones, then help them out. Lend a hand at decorating their home, help them wrap gifts, shop for groceries or palm out their meals. Maybe assist them with taking care of the kids.

Check out my post on Christmas DIY ideas for inspiration.

Thank you for reading my post on Christmas on a Budget.

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Happy Holidays.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.


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