Wishlist: What I Want For Christmas

There are a lot of things going in my life this year. I have so much things that I want to accomplish and to that I need to invest in some stuff. Hopefully I will get some of what I need before next year begins.

The first thing on my wishlist is a computer. Trying to write content, create designs and take classes all from my phone is a challenge. Thankfully, I was able to dig into my savings and order a laptop for myself which should arrive before Christmas. I’m so excited and can’t wait.

Another item that I would really like is a printer. This would make my life so much easier. I can print documents, images and any notes that I need in hardcopy. I would also like to print any designs or illustrations that I am working on.

Thirdly, I want a Kindle so that I can read even more books without distraction. That’d would be so awesome.

This year I have really gotten back in touch with my artistic side. I enjoy illustrating, painting and designing. In order to further that I would like to get a drawing tablet so that I can try digital art. How great would that be!

Receiving a yoga mat that doesn’t slide, is sweat resistant with great grip, yoga blocks and strap would be an awesome gift.

Wireless noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones and earbuds is another item that I want to get. The former for when I’m working or studying and the lather for commute and exercise.

Lastly, a camera, tripod and lights so that I can document my process would be fun. However a phone tripod and lights is also acceptable.

Those are my top seven items on my wishlist this Christmas. I am hoping to gif myself these items soon as they are an investment towards my future.

Thank you for reading. Leave a like if you enjoyed this content and a comment letting me know what’s on your Christmas wishlist.

Happy Holidays.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.

Thank you for reading.


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